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Unibet Casino - Account closed, deposit withheld and no valid explanation given

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Unibet Casino
Reason Verification issues
Amount £ 80
Posted on May 15, 2018

I opened an account with Unibet, there were 0 issues during the registration process as well as during depositing funds into the account. Once funds were deposited, they inmediately placed a lock on it and asked for multiple documents.

They asked for identity proof and proof of address.

I sent the exact documents which I have used at multiple betting websites such as Ladbrokes, William Hill, Betfair, 888sport, etc...

The ID was fine with them, I sent a copy of my Passport as well as a copy of my national Spanish identity card.

The proof of address I sent a utility bill from virgin media which is the company that provides my line rental and internet service. It is stated in their documents section that a line rental agreement is fine as proof of address, however in my case it was not? Anyways I was not in the mood to argue so I submitted a copy of a bank statement from my Monzo account which is also linked to my address, for some reason they also could not accept that document.

Laughable, I ended up sending a copy of my main bank of Scotland account, this was not ideal as I do not like to give a lot of financial details when I am using betting websites and try to stick to pay safe cards to not damage my credit report, but I did not want my account to be held any longer.

That document was also not accepted, no valid reason given, was on the phone to 5 different agents who could not answer why the documents could not be accepted. I asked them if they wanted them to be stamped by the branch manager of the bank or the documents to be notarised and they were unable to provide me with a solution.

This company is now holding/stealing a deposit of £80,00 that was made with a paysafe card, i have sent all the documents and more than they have requested, they are unwilling to cooperate and are stealing me in plain day sight. It is disgusting how a company can get away with this sort of behaviour, rest for sure I have already let the social media the way they have handled this and will never be using any of their services, all I want now is my hard earned money that they have stolen from me.

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