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€ 400

zomskis Sweden
Posted on April 24, 2022

Hello Askgamblers.

I am having issues with 4kasino regarding my withdrawal. I opened an account with them on March 28th, made a couple of deposits, and decided to make a withdrawal. The max allowed amount was 500eur, so that is how much I requested. They canceled my withdrawal several times each time asking for some verification documents. The funny thing was they send an email that the account has been verified and after requesting a withdrawal they cancel it and ask for more documents. But finally after sending all the usual documents + face verification + finally mobile phone bill they paid me out. After this, I requested the remaining 300eur withdrawal which they paid as well. Even though the casino looked weird where live chat is not working but still they paid out after 2weeks. So I made a couple of more deposits. And on the 19th of April I requested a withdrawal of 400eur, but the next day it was returned back (same thing as before), however, this time they did not ask for any documents and did not contact me at all. I tried to make the withdrawal again but after clicking "withdraw" I get a message saying "withdrawals disabled". I contacted them (via email as live chat is not working) but they do not reply. The account is active and I can play the games but cannot make a withdrawal. Attaching screenshots where you can see the withdrawals have been disabled, the email that I wrote them, and that the withdrawal was returned back to the account.

Hopefully, you can help me for them to reply so that I know what is going on.