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Euromoon Casino - Removing all my winning due to unjustified "Irregular Betting" accusations

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Euromoon Casino
Reason Casino terms violation
Amount € 1600
Posted on December 16, 2016


I have been playing in Euromoon Casino for a while on 4 various games named Mini, Premium and VIP roulette and some slot as well. I started with 50 Euro which has been transferred into my account by a friend of mine who introduced me to this Casino. I started to play with it and lost it all.

I try to give myself another chance so after consulting with a live supporter named "Adam" and an Account Manager named "Jeremy" [ He's part of the support team as well ] I told them that I don't want any bonuses and getting any wager on my account if I deposit any amount of money. So they set my account up thus everything seems fine.

I start to play with a 201 Euro following by another 880 Euro of deposit and again, I almost lost it all! It's not quite a shocking news but just a regular action may happen to a player. From what remained from it and this time after nearly 5 hours of playing I managed to get to 700e. I simply withdrew it - I provided all the documentation for withdrawal when I opened my account - and it takes 2 days of analyzes/approval from the Financial Department and after that another 2 days [Overall 4 days] for me to have it into my bank account. So then again I deposit 201 Euro - I always deposit 201 since Jeremy and Adam both told me that any amount more than 200 has bigger withdrawal limitation of 5000 a month - and this time I play it cautiously to not losing it again like I lost more than a thousand before. I managed to get in to 500e so I WD it and instantly deposit 2 of 201e and keep playing with that for days and again get to win of 1000e with my 402e of deposit. So now in overall I deposited 603e and my winning got to 997e so I WD 1600e and waiting for Financial Dep. to approve it.

2 days ago I got an email from mentioned department telling me that my winning is declined due to some "Irregular Betting" and having a so-called "Strategy"! I mean this is just not logical. I just play the way I played on my previous approved withdrawal and their own department accepted it! How can you accused someone for being systematic but yet you approved a similar withdrawal of that player ? :D

If they told me on My First Withdrawal that you're suspected of playing with a "strategy" or whatever they call it, it could have been a bit of acceptable and I would have simply stopped playing as I was aware of the situation, but when you already approved a WD after days of analyzing in your department, you shouldn't be able to decline a similar one just because I'm honored to get to win again.

It is definitely not something depends on someones' taste or perspective. If something is wrong it's always wrong and if it's right it's always right. If you accept/approved my first WD which was similar to my second one, then you shouldn't just label me to wipe off my money.

I trusted casinos' team including its supporters, agents and its Financial Department analyzes and I need them to be fair to me too. I still think that there is just a misunderstanding and I can keep depositing and playing on this casino as long as I can get what I spent my time for which is my winning back :)

P.S : Jeremy just told me I cannot withdraw that ~600e they gave back to my balance from my winning they've declined it as they want me to play with it again! Is it a prank or something?


Posted on December 18, 2016

Dear Rob,

We are looking into your complaint. You can expect to hear from us soon. Thanks for your patience!
--Euromoon Casino

Posted on December 19, 2016

As I'm asked to respond, I just need to mention the key issue here is "Double Standard".
Of course it is bad enough to falsely accuse someone to "Play Against The Rules" but the main problem is :

• Overrule your own judgment as a casino for 2 completely same scenario. As if your first approval mean to me of accepting every aspect of the way I play from A-Z. If at the first place I was told that your WD is not accepted because of this and that, I would've packed my things up and gone for good out of casino! But since they approved my WD so they are also telling me that everything with you is fine, thanks for playing here and keep up the good work.

Posted on December 20, 2016

Your point is noted. Thanks and have a Happy Holiday Season!

Posted on December 22, 2016

It's getting frustrating!
I made another WD a day ago since they gave me back my money. Playing completely different of what I did in the past - which I don't know what was that ! - mixed it up with various games in between and yet they deny my WD for the same reason :) It is absolutely bitter joke! You can check each of my betting up, they are completely random, spreading on a lot of number and everything. This is casino playing god role to do what ever they want. I won 1600e and I have won another 623 after they accusation "Fair and square" !

I want a serious reviewing of what they are doing! This is getting completely out of control

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  • 3 days avg response
  • 1 week avg complaint life
  • 2,093 USD avg amount

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