Crazy Spins Casino - Refusing to close my account

karemf United Kingdom
posted on January 12, 2015.

I have been asking for about 5 weeks now to have my account closed and I keep getting told it admin will sort it, I have emailed admin, the manager and also spoke to live help and had no response all I want is my account to be closed permanently
Chat Transcript
06:48:54 PM [Help Desk]Hello, Welcome to Casino Help Desk, how may I help you?
06:48:58 PM [Visitor] hi have sent afew emails to admin and manager and no one has bothered to reply I have asked on many occasions to have my account closed and this has not happened I have no other choice but to contact ask gamblers to make an official complaint
06:49:52 PM [Help Desk] manager, admin on leave they will return on 2 jan
06:49:59 PM [Help Desk] it will be taken care for sure
06:50:33 PM [Visitor] have they been on leave for the past 3 weeks because that's when I first asked for my account to be closed
06:51:02 PM [Help Desk] it will be done asap

posted on January 15, 2015.

Dear Player,

Happy New Year!

i Just checked with operations team your account has been closed on your request.

Yes we accept there was a delay but it happened as we never received back the feedback forum and confirmation of account closure from your end.

Please accept our apologize for all the delay.

Team Crazy spins

karemf United Kingdom
posted on January 16, 2015.

the reason I didn't respond was because you never sent a feed back forum to me in the first place, as my account has now been closed I will put resolved on my complaint