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Crazy Spins Casino - Waiting for a withdrawal for months

sonof Finland
posted on July 30, 2014.

Withdrawal submitted on 03-04-2014

No contact from casino.

I contacted support on 26-04-2014 but delivery to the following recipient failed permanently: suppor­[email protected]­raz­ysp­ (the email on their website)

I searched for a valid email and sent my documents on 05-05-2014 to accoun­[email protected]­ace­cas­ino­clu­ which is part of the same company.

Finally got a response from suppor­[email protected]­cec­asi­noc­ on 15-06-2014 saying:
"I will follow up with accounts team and update you with in 24 hours.

Please dont worry about your withdrawal, we value all our player let me find out why there is delay."

Then after bugging themj they said on 18-06-2014 this:
"Accounts been trying to contact you from number of days but for some reasons email returns back. Please add accoun­[email protected]­ace­cas­ino­clu­ to you contact list so that email gets deliver in your inbox."

I did so and checked there was no email in spam folder.

The next day they said:
"I have informed accounts about it, they will soon send you the email."

It never came.

I contacted manage­[email protected]­cec­asi­noc­ on 30-06-2014

He replied:
"We pay our players on time if they meet there wagering requirement, we never hold payment.

Let me follow up with accounts and get back to you."

And on 10-07-2014:
"Accounts informed me that they have emailed you but not getting response from your end.

Kindly drop a email at accoun­[email protected]­ace­cas­ino­clu­ I will make sure your issue is resolved with in 24 hours."

To which I replied the same day:
"please process my withdrawal. I have not been receiving any emails from accoun­[email protected]­ace­cas­ino­clu­ eventhough I have added it into my contacts list and I have checked my junk email."


They claim to have been sending me emails from accoun­[email protected]­ace­cas­ino­clu­ but I have never received them.


Here's a chat log:

[Help Desk] dear player accounts emailed you many times but you dont reply to us, so please reply to that email to get things moving it been getting delayed from your end not by us

[Visitor] like I have said there is no email from accounts in my inbox nor in my spam folder despite the fact that I have added the address to my contacts

[Help Desk] please send a email at accoun­[email protected]­ace­cas­ino­clu­

[Visitor] I have already

[Help Desk] and I promiseyou it will be sorted out by day end

[Help Desk] please do it once more

[Visitor] just sent

[Help Desk] just give me one day it will be sorted out for sure

[Visitor] why can't you send account's email from suppor­[email protected]­cec­asi­noc­ or manage­[email protected]­cec­asi­noc­ since they both have worked in the past

[Help Desk] I have informed my manager about it , he is following up

[Help Desk] ok we will do that

[Help Desk] we are here to support our players

[Help Desk] please accept our apology for delay

[Help Desk] it will be resolved by day end for sure

[Visitor] apology accepted when money received

[Help Desk] you will be updated by day end for sure


No contact from them by day end.

posted on August 2, 2014.

Dear Player,

I have read your complaint and checked internally regarding your withdrawal.

Yes, your withdrawal has been pending from long time but its also true accounts has been emailing you to update you about playthrough (wagering) requirement for some reasons email delivery keep on failing.

There was some kind of issue in email tool and your email id was blocked that was the reason email was not getting delivered to you. We kept site under maintenance on Thursday (31 July 2014) and tested the issue on firday its been fixed now.

I have checked with manager your withdrawal will be taken care on Monday Morning (4 August 2014)and the issue regarding email has been fixed and going forward you can send and receive email from accounts team with out any delays. Please Note accounts team works Monday to Friday.

Our team is always there to support players. Kindly please wait till Monday and i assure you, you will receive email from account on Monday. Please take it from their.

If you have any concern you contact at manage­[email protected]­cec­asi­noc­

sonof Finland
posted on August 4, 2014.

No email or money from casino today on Monday 4 August despite their promise.

posted on August 7, 2014.

Dear Player,

I have checked with manager they informed that you have received the email and you are interacting with them.

So kindly resolve your withdrawal with manager over the email.

We are always there to help our players and we never hold back any withdrawal once player has met his wagering requirements.

sonof Finland
posted on August 8, 2014.

The casino is saying that I have wagering requirements on my account from old bonus that I have received and lost already. That makes no sense and is of course rogue since there can't be wagering requirements any more if a bonus had been lost and winnings have been made with new deposit without bonus.

I replied to them : "It doesn't matter even if I had received one million Euros in bonuses if I have lost them all. It is a standard in gambling industry that if a bonus is lost no wagering requirements carry on.

Think about this for a moment. If a player receives bonus and loses it. Why would he or she ever deposit again to your casino if he had to continue fulfilling some old wagering requirements for a bonus that has been already lost."

posted on August 12, 2014.

Dear Player,

As we told you earlier in our email as well that we give Big bonuses and huge amount of free spins to our players that's why we have such wagering to counter bonus abuse.

I will give you a example if a player makes one deposit in week then we give him 5 free spins on daily basis for rest of the week if he does not win one day he can come next day and start fresh and can win from free spins.

Kindly meet your wagering and raise your withdrawal, we will be more then happy to process your withdrawal.

Our prime motive is to give highest quality of customer service and player satisfaction.

For further help please contact accounts team or manager.

Crazy Spins

sonof Finland
posted on August 12, 2014.

So basically what you're saying is that you try to trap your customers with your "generous" free spins. You give the spins to your customers and when they win you will ask them to wager additional wagering requirements from their old free spins that they have already lost a time ago.

Trustworthy casino watchdogs have already claimed this kind of behavior unacceptable for a casino.

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