Gala Casino - Verification failed and winnings confiscated without any proof presented

fran holden United Kingdom
posted on October 19, 2016.


I won £303 at gala casino. They stated my id sent (driving license) failed to prove my address and therefore my winnings were taken. I have used this online id verification with a few sites in the past and it has worked fine. So i know for a fact the process is sound. I feel this is a diabolic fabrication to purely take my money. They state i have been "linked to other accounts". What does that even mean. I have checked any accounts i hold and i definitely do not have any other accounts at gala casino.

I have emailed numerous times asking for them to explain how i failed this verification process. They have ignored my request at every turn. Finally stating "there decision in final". My other emails have been ignored, i feel bullied.

posted on October 20, 2016.

Hi Fran,

I am sorry to hear of your issue - I have personally reviewed the case and can assure you that our procedures in regards to escalations and complaints are always followed, your concerns will have not been ignored.

As per our site terms, and a standard term for most Casino operators, is that customers are only permitted one account. Additionally, welcome offers do carry the same restriction, also displayed in the offer terms.

There will have been next steps outlined to you in the latest communication sent; please note that we will be unable to assist on this medium and you would be best assisted by following any escalation process

Kind Regards

fran holden United Kingdom
posted on October 20, 2016.


Thanks. But as i have already stated I DO NOT HAVE MORE THAN ONE ACCOUNT. I do not know why you feel impulsed to constantly repeat that sentence.

You just saying "you have many accounts" does not warrant taking my money. It is a feeble, cowardly excuse.

Regards, Fran