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tweller United States
posted on October 12, 2014.

I deposited funds then realized I was unable to play at this casino because I live in California and you must be in NJ to play. I immediately tried the live chat, it was not available, I then phoned support was put on hold for 39 minutes and still no answer. then I sent an email stating the issue and asking them to cancel the transaction, which I know they can do very easily. The response from them via email an hour later stated that I would have to withdraw it from my casino account as if it were winnings. I find this extremely disturbing. For one why would you even allow potential customers to deposit funds into an account when their IP address is 2500 miles away from the mandated area that is legal to gamble in. 2nd Why would you want to have a payout via the withdraw option on a player that is not legally allowed to play at the casino and every step in the registration, deposit, request to cancel the transaction had had the exact geographical location recorded proving proof that this person was no where near New Jersey?

This is poor business ethics, knowingly taking a deposit from a person outside of the new Jersey area.

Obviously this is not a reputable operation due to the lack of customer service.

I found it ironic how they referred me to their "live chat" which is continually "handling too many calls and unavailable" as well as a phone number that from my experience, will automatically put the caller on hold for 39 minutes or possibly longer, which was the case with my previous attempt to resolve this issue, immediately following my credit card transaction.

So, I find it almost impossible to induce even a minute sense of confidence in, Caesars Casino to ensure the ethical use of sensitive information which they are requesting for the withdraw process.

I have visited other online casinos, which do not allow residents from the U.S.. It is impossible to create an account if you fall under these restrictions. That is an example of a proactive ethical business practice which would safeguard the customer and preserve the company's reputation. Lets face it, only thieves and immoral individuals prey on those that believe a company will practice, "Truth in advertising" and not "deception in advertising" for profit.

Furthermore I find it inconceivable that over a $42 dollar transaction a company this large (if in fact you are who you say you are) would choose to adopt such deplorable customer service practices. After all, A company starts with one customer, so does a bad reputation.

posted on October 18, 2014.

Dear @tweller,
Any update considering your complaint? Thank you.

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