PlayHippo Casino - Support lied in chat and removed whole amount

posted on July 2, 2015.

Well,,, this is not nice..
I took a 100% welcome bonus on P-Hippo..and deposited 100 sek ( 10 €) and recived 100% bonus
After a while i had 1037 Sek..( 100 €)
I asked the livechatt if i can forfeit the bonus and in that case, what would happen.
The support said: You will loose your deposit + your bonus.
I asked several times if she meant the 100 kr + 100 kr bonus i recived and she repeted her self over again: yes you are right.
So,, after asking 4-5 times if i only loose 200 sek and will have 800 sek left on my account that has no wager she ansered YES.
She never said that EVERYTHING would dissapear.
Now,, i immiedtly tlaked to her and she claims she said: i told yuou everything will dissapear

I have the full dialog between us at the mail and she never said this to me, she only said i am right when i asked if i loose 100 + 100 Sek..

I have the conversation on mail but its in swedish..
But in translete it looked like this
09:13:36 PM) maria: I deposited Sek 100 only
(9:13:41 PM) maria: and got Sek 100 bonus
(9:13:48 PM) Maria will then 200 Sek disappear?
(9:15:26 PM) maria: if I deposited 100 sek and got 100 sek bonus will only 2++ sek dissapear from my balance that is 1000 sek now?
(9:15:33 PM) maria: iand have SEK 800 left?
(9:15:43 PM) PlayHippo - Chat Support: Both disappear
(9:15:53 ​​PM) maria: I understand then 200 sek disappeas?
(9:16:06 PM) PlayHippo - Chat Support: yes

(9:16:29 PM) maria: okey one second so I cancel
(9:17:25 PM) maria: Wait You said that 100 + 100 would disappear?
(9:17:42 PM) PlayHippo - Chat Support: yes
(9:17:47 PM) Maria: But all disappeared
(9:17:48 PM) PlayHippo - Chat Support: 200 that you had
(9:17:50 PM) maria: Full balance disapeared
(9:18:09 PM) PlayHippo - Chat Support: yes
(9:18:14 PM) PlayHippo - Chat Support: that I said to you
(9:18:21 PM) maria: NO
(9:18:29 PM) maria: I asked if only 200 dissapear and you said YES
(9:18:31 PM) PlayHippo - Chat Support: all money that you deposit with bonus

This happend to me... is this really right? that supoort can lie to me like this?

As i said,,, i have full conversation as you see... i have it on mail from Playhippo..

And the refuse to put back the 1037 sek with 1 815 sek left to wager...

posted on July 4, 2015.

Hi Maria,

I hope all is well, as our support told you we would refund the money as soon as they had verified the amounts. Your money 1037,50 with a wagering of 1845,50 is now in your account.

We hope you will have a great weekend and sorry for the misunderstanding with cancelling the bonus.


posted on July 4, 2015.

This was great..
Well done and i hope your support staff is clearer to you customors. So that when we ask a querstion we get straight up answers :)
But anyway
i recive extra spins for the convinence and averything is like it was

posted on July 4, 2015.

Based on player's last comment, we consider this case as resolved and it is now officially closed.