Star Games Casino - Unjustified Account Closure And Confiscation

posted on September 1, 2015.


I played for 5-6 months,first losing some deposits,but then winning some.1 month ago I decided to withdraw some funds,and my account was blocked.I asked why is it blocked and after 11 days of no answer,I got this response :
"We were informed by our riskmanagement department that there were irregularities with your account "iyi_gunler" and it had to be blocked due to violations of our GTC (see Points G and I)."
Just to let everybody know,points G and I are from their T&C,it's not anything specific about my case.So I didn't get any reasonable explanation what happened to my account and what facts and reasons they had to block it.Of course,they dont want to payout my balance,which makes me pretty sure they just want to steal the money.If I am wrong,then for what reason they are hiding the facts?It's normal if you blame someone,to explain to him what he has done and the consequences about it.But no, are not doing that,they are a robbery site,a very risky place to play for money.I would kindly ask if anybody can help me how to resolve this case,how I can proceed further.I contacted their regulator,but it was not of any help.That's what I got from regulator as response:
"In your specific case, the information was passed to the MGA and examined in detail so as to confirm the Operator’s explanation of events. From the Authority’s end, it was determined that the Operator acted in accordance to the regulations and Terms and Conditions.This information is of a sensitive nature and cannot be provided to the player as is your case."
So the regulator is pretty useless,instead of protecting the player,and at least make the site explain it's decision,they act as fraud as
As I said any help about his case will be appreciated,it will also be great as many gambling forums as possible to know about how fraud is,and how risky is to decide to play there for real money.

Best Regards
Georgi *********

posted on September 5, 2015.

Dear @GeorgiAtanasov,

Any update regarding your complaint? Thank you.

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