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Kashawhyte Canada
Posted on April 9, 2021

On July 15 2020 I self-excluded from Jackpot City casino. Shortly after that I opened an account with SPIN casino without realizing it was part of the same parent casino group as Jackpot City (Palace Group). I was able to open the account and deposit $500CA from my bank account. I was then kicked out and not permitted to sign in. I went on Live Chat and was told that since I self-excluded from Jackpot City ,I was not permitted to play at SPIN Casino either....fair enough. I have been attempting to withdraw my $500CA since then.

It has been an absolute nightmare. After trying to get my money for 4-5 months (many, many emails and chats) I decided to wait until the self-exclusion period was over (January 15 2021) to withdraw my funds. They instructed me on the required documents including a hand written letter of control taking responsibility for my finances and gambling habits. That process took almost 2 months- I sent the documents 6 times, I was told they were received, then I was told they were not. I was told some were approved, some were not, then they didn't receive them..it just went on and on.

On March 12 2021 (account not reopened yet) I initiated the withdrawal with one of their agents on chat, I emailed a void cheque and was told it would take 3-5 business days to receive my funds. My Spin account was reopened on March 17 or 18 2021. I then went into my account and found that my $500 refund had been initiated March 15 2021. (screenshot attached) I waited 2 weeks then went on chat again, I was informed they needed some confirmation on my address which I provided and was told it was accepted and all was good. I have been following up on spin chat every few days and have been told 5-6 times that the funds will be released in 24 hours. I have dozens of screenshots from the chats..too many to attach.

I have not played one game on SPIN and never will. The $500CA that is owed to me is my money, not winnings.

Please help