Rushmore slow on paying

posted on November 10, 2011.

I had 3 withdrawals approved from the Rushmore casino. Dates appoved: Aug 31-$485, Oct 4-$700, Oct 21-$1800. They had all the documentation they needed. 1st I was told they couldn't process my withdrawal because they needed a SWIFT number to my bank. I sent them the info. Since my bank was a credit union, there was a problem because they were unable to submit to a beneficiary bank, so I needed to provide info to another bank. I opened an account with Bank of America and sent them all the information. I than recieved an email saying I they have had problems wiring money to BofA and suggested three other banks. I quickly opened an account with Wells Fargo (1 of the banks suggested) and again sent the information. I received another email from the withdrawal department asking me to give them a call to verify my information. I called and the representative said my withdrawals will be processed within the week. Two weeks later, still noting so I sent an email to the withdrawals dept and received a reply on the 24 Oct saying the withdrawal on the 4 Oct has been sent to me. Which I did receive on the 26Oct, but what about my other withdrawals (31 Aug & 21 Oct). Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

posted on March 27, 2012.

We are very sorry for the delay in response. Have you received your withdrawals since this post?


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