Rushmore Casino - funds were confiscated

posted on September 10, 2012.

I won $1700 and it was approved almost a year ago, they kept giving me the run around, then they said the funds were confiscated by Bank of America because they found out if was for gambling and that a lot of members were in the same boat. But that they felt like the members were paid even though we weren't. The odd thing is that I have received other winnings by check from other casinos from Bank of America with no problem. I have written to Tara Murdoch the manager of the withdrawal department about 20 times have called and they claim there is nothing they can do. I know there are other people in the same situation it is posted on their facebook page .

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Dear Debra

Thank you for your email. The reason Bank of America held these funds is because they found out it was used for gambling purposes, at this point they will not release any funds. We have found alternative solutions for future withdrawals but are unable to double pay your winnings. If you have not already, please contact customer support and they will be able to credit your account with your last deposit.

We apologize again for this inconvenience.

Best regards

Tara Murdoch

Withdrawal Department