PlayHippo changes terms without informing and withholds withdraw of 3300 euros!

grinder020123 Netherlands
posted on January 13, 2014.

Ive played on playhippo on the 10th of january and have read their terms in previous cases. The max bet when playing a wager of a bonus was 8 euros. I have followed this betsize and won a nice amount of 3300 euros. Only two days after my withdraw i got an email saying they changes the terms and the max bet for my country (the Netherlands) was now 4 euro. This casino changes their terms on a constant basis making it very hard for a recreational player like me to keep track and enjoy gaming on their site. When they change the terms there is no way that the casino puts in any effort to inform you so it seems your still playing under the terms that u accepted when registering. Im very disappointed in this casino and there is no way that they want to compromise with their customer. Does anybody have the same issues with this casino and maybe know if there is any action i can take against this? I would never ever recommend any player to put money on their site since they'll do whatever it takes to confiscate your winings.