Play Million Affiliate program is not responding and not paying out earnings

posted on February 18, 2014.

Playmy­lli­onp­art­ner­ (which belongs to does not pay the commission. They never respond via any of their emails, when register one of their affiliate managers contacted me via skype. After a while I've noticed that their email support is non-existent and that the managers takes a really long time to respond. Now when the time has come to pay out the commission - the manager does not respond at all. I've even added him on Facebook, but he is just hiding for some reason. So now no one responds to be and I've been waiting for months to get my commission paid.

I've also tried to contact support multiple time, they've told me that they wills end this to the upper management, but still nothing has happened. Both playmi­lli­onp­art­ner­ and has done a very poor performance regarding this and I feel very sorry for all the affiliates that had to deal with them.

Proof of earnings (3250$ which had to be paid ages ago): http:/­/im­age­sha­ck.c­om­/a/­img­716­/55­44/­tfj­k.jpg

Thank you very much.