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Oshi Casino - Refusing to credit bonus as advertised

Jeanfr Canada
Posted on October 31, 2016.

Ive deposit the .05 for the 200 free spin its the only reson ive try them

after the deposit a staff told me it will be add tomorow and today they say its restricted in my contry no free spin aloud!! it not true (canada)

on there site it say if starburt is not permited it will be on fruit zen. like bitstarz. so they dont wanna give me my bonus and my coin they are taking me for a retard.

after saying they cant ginve me free spin they send my 20 freespin insted of 200! i wanna be refund its not normal!!!

Department: Oshi - Live Chat

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Operator: Support Service

07:15 Your Question:

07:15 Please wait and one of our operators will be with you shortly.

07:15 You are now chatting with Oshi - Live Chat

07:15 Oshi - Live Chat: Hello, thank you for playing at our casino! How could I help you? Hallo! Danke, dass Sie in unserem Casino spielen! Was können wir für Sie tun? Здравствуйте, чем мы можем Вам помочь?

07:16 Jean-francois : hi

07:17 Jean-francois : i never receive my free

07:17 Oshi - Live Chat: Unfortunately, the Free Spins bonus is restricted to your country. Please, accept our apologies for the inconveniences caused.

07:18 Jean-francois : ??

07:20 Jean-francois: well it say on your casino free spin on deposit and its not say not in canada

07:20 Jean-francois : it the reseon why ive deposit on the casino for the 200 free spin

07:21 Oshi - Live Chat: the Free Spins bonus is restricted to your country

07:22 Jean-francois : and where is it written?

07:24 Jean-francois : 8. Where Starburst is available, free spins will be credited on that game as a part of the welcome package. If Starburst is not available due to currency or country restrictions, free spins will be given on Fruit Zen or Boomanji.

07:25 Jean-francois : it doesent say any thing about retricted in canada

07:26 Jean-francois : i have deposit .05 btc for that bonus or i would deposit in bitstarz like usual! i whant my spin or my coin back

07:28 Oshi - Live Chat: Unfortunately,we can't offer you free spin because they are redstricted to your country. Sorry.

07:30 Jean-francois : you are the only casino who say that fruit zen free spin is givin in all bitcoin casino for my contry

07:31 Jean-francois : you should have rigth it somewhere it justsay like every casino no starbust so fruit zen

07:31 Jean-francois : I whant my money back you dont have the right to do that

07:41 Oshi - Live Chat: Our system doesn't allow to credit free spins to your account.

07:43 Jean-francois : yesterday ive spoke to some one who told me ill have it 2day and now its restricted?!

07:44 Jean-francois : realy! look put back my .05 as compensation it a mistake of your casino

07:46 Oshi - Live Chat: We credited you 20 free spins like compensation.

07:48 Jean-francois: so ill have 20 every day for 10 day and it was supose?

07:48 Jean-francois : to have the 200 at the end?

07:49 Oshi - Live Chat: No, it is just compensation for mistake

07:52 Jean-francois: ?? lol its not a compensation its like yo tell someone i will give you 200 pizza for .05 $ you take the money and you say after oups sory you will only get one?? its not a compensation it taking me for a retard!

I know 0.05 its not a bigdeal for a casino but its not fare paying for something and they do nothing they should be punish and thay should have to refund me and even give a compensation so they learn to not do that again!


Posted on October 31, 2016.

Hi Jean-Francois,

My name is Marko - I am the Operations Director at Oshi Casino.

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the Customer Support Team's mistake - this bonus is certainly not restricted from Canada. The Customer Support Team are infact a highly trained team by our platform, so we have flagged up the issue to avoid it happening again.

I can see on your profile here that you have been credited with the 200 Free Spins (20 Spins per day for 10 days), which is part of the standard welcome pack. These free spins will be applicable on Fruit Zen.

I am sorry to hear about your negative experience, I have instructed the Customer Services Team to credit you your inital 0.05 BTC Deposit Amount to have a stress free play with.

Have a great week Jean-Francois.

Marko Csokasi

Operations Director @ Oshi Casino

Jeanfr Canada
Posted on November 1, 2016.

Hi i juste wanna saw tanks to solve the probleme and im sorry for my reaction... it juste there is so much scam....

But you wore not one!!! :)
Yes im able to say the trute about web site because ive been scam in the past but im also able to say when they did every thing right
So if i can do anything or write to any one about that good service juste tell me ill do it right away thx!

I must thank you for the gift

Posted on November 1, 2016.

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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