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Mr Green Casino - Won't pay out my winnings

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Mr Green Casino
Reason Declined payment
Amount € 3400
Posted on May 29, 2019

So, last week I played some slots on Mr Green and for once I actually won some money. I won about 1200 euros and decided I was going to withdraw 900 of them. The morning after I get a message saying that the money was on its way. Great!

The day after I played some more, and guess what, I won again. Decided to withdraw 2500 euros, and thought that it would go smoothly again.
Then I get an e-mail that they need some documentation to verify my user. I was told by many of my friends that this was not a problem. They needed my personal ID, a housing bill of some sort to verify my adress, and documentation of TWO different bank accounts, only one of which I had actually used. I thought to myself that the unknown bank account was just an example or a typo by the company, so I sent in documentation for the bank account I own and used to withdraw the money.

A day later and I get an e-mail asking for documentation of the bank account I did not recognize. I told them that I had never used this bank account on their site, neither have I ever owned this bank account. Just to be sure I ask in their live chat what this is all about and I am then told that the unknown bank account was unsuccesfully tried used to withdraw money. I could not understand this as I specifically remember using my own account, and withdrawing the money succesfully the same way I did the day before.

I get told by their live chat that the right people are made aware of the issue and that they will send me an e-mail on this. A week goes by and nothing but the same information is given to me trough their support chat. Until I sent them a message today. Here is how the conversation went:

Me: Hi. Theres now been a week and Ive heard nothing on my account. What is happening?

Antonio (customer support): all is well?
I will be with you soon, sorry we are very busy here

Me: Ok

What is going on now please?

Me: Hey. So I tried do withdraw some money about a week ago and was told to document two different bank account, one of which I have never used or owned. I was told that this case was going to be sent to the right people for investigation. And nothing has been seen or heard about it since. I really think its time to get an answer soon

Antonio: I will check
Sorry about that

Me; okay, thanks!
Antonio: So we need bank statement ****
Any chance you sent it in?

Me: That is the account that I cannot document because Ive never used it or owned an account with those numbers. Neither has the money been withdrawn to that account. I was told that this would be investigated, but nothing is happening and im not getting an answer to what is going on

Antonio:I know but they will need it, I mean I guess you explained this before right?

Me: Yes, but I cannot give it to them, because that is not my account

Antonio:Third party account perhaps?
Me: No, the only account I've ever used on this site is my own personal account which I have documented.
So what do I do now?
Just forfeit the money?

Antonio:Well I mean they won't let it go, i wish I had better news

Me: Ok, so then I'll have to make a case of it. It really can't be this easy for you to just tell me that there was another account used during the withdrawal and then deny me the money

Antonio:Yeah I know sorry mate
I mean it is there decision you know, I do not work in payments to do much about this

Me: So theyve taken a stance on this issue? Why have they not sent me an e-mail like they were supposed to?

Antonio: Apparently they have

Me: Ok. I was told they were going to send me an e-mail, but I guess that was not done then

Antonio: We see, I mean they might just do

So thats it! No money for me. Apparantly they can just tell everyone that another account was unsuccesfully tried used during the withdrawal and you will never see you money again. I really hope this is not the case though, and that I will get some help here.

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