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Betfred Casino - Locked out of my account after I'd made a withdrawal request

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Betfred Casino
Reason Verification issues
Amount £ 200
Posted on July 14, 2015

I have been a member and active depositing player at Betfred for More than 6 months and today I requested my first ever withdrawal of the reasonably small amout of £200. To say I am both enraged and highly offended by this response would be an understatement!
Around an hour after submitting the withdrawal request i decided that, seen as I still had £100, that I would log in and play while awaiting the 'pending' withdrawal to be sent. Entered log in details and was met with a response telling me my account had been blocked. Naturally, I jumped straight onto live chat to ask the rep why? He told me that I would have an email explaining all. So logged into AOL and my inbox and was instantly offended at the emails subject header: "BETFRED FRAUD DPT. FULL DOCUMENTS REQUEST!"

The email itself which clearly implied by its title that I was a criminally motivated player didn't was simple proof of ID and or Age like most or all other casinos would, no no, Betfred email demanded not one, not two, not even three, but demanded FOUR documents wanting proof of everything other than my shoe size! Here is what the email from BetFred said (I am copying and pasting direct and have not altered nor edited anything to favour myself in any way what-so-ever and the only edits I have made is where my personal details may be seen):

"Dear Customer,

In the interest of responsible gambling, we carry out regular checks on all accounts and we are sorry to say we have had to suspend your account temporarily."

Now anyone who wants to try and argue the point that this does not clearly imply they suspect and think I am a criminal involved in fraud is not going to convince me of this because the way they word it clearly does imply I am a Mafia Boss from one of New Yorks Crime families who is using Betfred to lander money. . . to the tune of two hundred quid! (Bit of an exageration there but you get the idea.)

The email indirectly accuing me of Fraud went on:



(1) A clear copy of your passport - displaying your picture and passport number in full (or Licence or Birth Certificate)
(2) A clear copy of a recent Utility Bill showing the address that you have registered
In addition, we will accept Bank Statements, Rental agreements, Council Tax invoices or Mobile Phone accounts

(3) A clear copy of the FRONT of your card(s). (Please block the middle 8 digits for Internet Security)

(4) A clear copy of the BACK of your card(s) (sign the cards, block out the middle 8 digits and 3 digit security number)"

Give it another year and betfred will have 6 requirements I would suggest with the fifth & sixth DEMANDS being 5. Please supply us with copies of you fingerprints. 6. We have sent out a cotton bud to the address listed, plese swab yourself and send you DNA back to us. Please note we cannot pay winnings based on a partial DNA Profile so be sure to send your full Genetic makeup. . . or else!"

Now see Betfred are extremely amusing to me in the respect of their security and anti-fraud detective team are there instantly with guns drawn protecting the company from fraud but only doing so when it's the company having to give money over to you the player! Now Betfred have made a gig song and dance specticle of their most strict policies and dedication to stopping fraud occuring and yet when I was depositing mone time and time and time again into their business (Ok, when I was depositing in other words) then its the strangest thing because the Swat team always on stanbd-by looking out for Organized Crime Figures likemyself to come along and launder two hundred quid through their company were nowhere to be seen. I was depositing at my own free will and pace and these deposit police at Betfred allowed my to do this for months. Now see if I were A Cynically minded man, which I am, then I would suggest that if they really were concerned to the point of being paranoid about someone defrauding them then they would jump in and block the account of a depositing player who was deposting much funds at their business and lock that account until further proof be aquired. This is the same company remember who accuse you of fraud, then inform you that they are alleging you are a criminal because they have your best interest at heart. Yes they have an interest alright, in being as abslutely awarkward as possible and trying to deter you from withdrawing or outright refusing the w/draw request itself and before anyone tells me they are not being deliberately frustrating and making my withdrawal as difficult and drawn out as possible and suggests this is their desire to stamp out fraud then I will respond with "Yes but stamp out fraud of the withdrawal kind, depositing fraud is fine as they don't care who's depositing with whoevers card because it's cash arriving at their feet so who cares how it got there and by what means?

Betfred say they cannot pay out in-shop and over the counter for wins online because they are acting in line with a anti-money laundering set of guidelines. I went in store today and had the rep. working there repeat this garbage to me also so I responded sarcastically "That's good then, you don't want to become a rouge and irrisponsible casino giving out cash to clients such as those two non-law abiding outlets called Ladbrokes and Coral Casino's Respectively." I told her I pay and deposit at both of these brands via debit card and/or UKash Vouchers every week and if I win, I simply walk into one of their shops, give my account log in etc and they then ask how much I would like to withdraw on the spot, I then tell them a figure and they give me that amount in Cash. It's absolutely outragous they are this irrisponsible and give their players as many options as they can to make it easier and more player friendly to get access to cash that they are rightly entitled to! I mean Heaven knows why these two Companies are the No. 1 & 2 on the UK's gambling market when they have these types of payout options available.

Anyway, the thing that has pee'd me off the most is being disallowed access to my account to play the £100 plus I had left in the gaming wallet. The summing up of Betfred as pr my own personal experience with them as an online casino is: Don't bother using or playing at any of their online platform's as they will sit back and allow you to deposit as much cash as you like without a question asked or one ID document requested. When you request to withdaw ten pence from them then the Swat Team will appear and you will be told your being arrested and your account detained untill you can show at least for reasons and proof thereof as to why they should believe you are not a Defrauding little S*it who is trying to con and launder such huge sums away from them.
If you want my advice if your looking to play at a UK Based Brand then it's either Ladbrokes or Coral Casino without doubt.

Posted on July 14, 2015

Any update considering your complaint? Thank you.

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