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Crazy Spins Casino - Lie after lie regarding my withdrawal

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Crazy Spins Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount £ 230
karemf United Kingdom Message
Posted on November 14, 2014

I deposited and played on this site I won £500 and was eventually told I had not wagered enough and had to spend over £800 to qualify for a withdrawal, this I did and still banked £230 on the 25th oct after a few chat host conversations I was told to submit my documents for verifying my account which I did and am now still waiting for my money I have 25 chat conversations and keep getting told different things, this is the last chat I had, sorry cant seem to be able to attach as a file

08:58:45 PM [Help Desk]Hello, Welcome to Casino Help Desk, how may I help you?
08:58:54 PM [Visitor] its now been 2 hours and still no email from accounts
08:58:56 PM [Visitor] karenmf
08:59:48 PM [Help Desk] Dear karen we are still working on it, please give us some more time, you will surely be contacted by accounts
09:00:38 PM [Visitor] you have had loads of time and this is now getting to be a joke is this site real
09:00:42 PM [Visitor] or a scam
09:01:25 PM [Help Desk] dear Karen we are real and geniune casino site....and we are sincerely apologize for the delay
09:01:55 PM [Visitor] why has it been delayed 18 days
09:03:06 PM [Help Desk] dear karen, we have issues with back office and email system, thats why its been delayed
09:03:41 PM [Visitor] I was told this 2 weeks ago then got told it was sorted why do you keep coming up with different excuses
09:05:02 PM [Help Desk] dear karen i am not giving you excuses, we believe high level of customer satisfaction...and your withdrawal will be processed today
09:06:09 PM [Visitor] i was told it had been processed already now your telling me its going to be today and i was supposed to have been sent and email and it was supposed to be resent
09:07:08 PM [Help Desk] yes, you will get email from accounts team today for sure, please give me sometime
09:07:13 PM [Visitor] i have all the chats records to prove this too
09:07:37 PM [Visitor] give you some time is 18 days not enough time
09:08:11 PM [Visitor] who am i speaking with please
09:08:20 PM [Help Desk] dear karen....i am asking for max. 30 mins
09:08:37 PM [Help Desk] we are not allowed to give our personal info to players
09:08:45 PM [Visitor] then you will tell me accounts have closed for the day
09:09:18 PM [Help Desk] no they will not leave before updating you
09:09:41 PM [Visitor] how hard is it to resend the supposed email
09:11:33 PM [Help Desk] dear karen, i am forwarding accounts message to you
09:11:43 PM [Visitor] on this chat
09:12:26 PM [Help Desk] i mean i am updating you what i got from the accounts team
09:12:52 PM [Help Desk] that they will send you email in next 30 mins
09:13:28 PM [Visitor] i am really not happy with the conduct of this site
09:14:09 PM [Help Desk] dear karen please believe me you will get email in next 30 min
09:14:18 PM [Visitor] ok
09:14:42 PM [Visitor] so by 16.15 gmt i will of heard from them
09:14:52 PM [Help Desk] sure
09:14:58 PM [Visitor] is that a yes
09:15:04 PM [Help Desk] yes
09:15:19 PM [Visitor] i hope i am not been lied to again
and this one the time before
06:47:50 PM [Help Desk]Hello, Welcome to Casino Help Desk, how may I help you?
06:48:11 PM [Visitor] still not had an email from accounts like you said this morning karenmf
06:49:16 PM [Help Desk] dear karen accounts team updated us that they will send you email within 2 hours
06:49:42 PM [Visitor] I emailed you at 10 45 am this morning
06:50:22 PM [Visitor] you told me then I would receive an resent email
06:50:44 PM [Visitor] why do I need an email anyway for my money
06:52:56 PM [Help Desk] dear player you will get email from accounts regarding processing of your withdrawal
06:53:38 PM [Help Desk] we don't know the content of that mail, accounts team just informed us that within 2 hours they will contact you
06:53:52 PM [Visitor] ok
04:02:19 PM [Help Desk]Hello, Welcome to Casino Help Desk, how may I help you?
04:02:44 PM [Visitor] I was promised yesterdy my withdrawal would be paid out and its not
04:02:51 PM [Visitor] Karenmf
04:02:56 PM [Help Desk] I will check
04:04:28 PM [Help Desk] its been processed yesterday
04:04:41 PM [Help Desk] and you must have received an email from our side
04:04:51 PM [Help Desk] please check your inbox and spam box
04:05:07 PM [Visitor] No i have not and i have checked
04:05:24 PM [Help Desk] please confirm your email id
04:05:32 PM [Visitor] Please tell me wot the email sed
04:05:45 PM [Visitor] Karen1­@bt­int­ern­et.com
04:05:51 PM [Help Desk] email is sent by account so they only are aware of it
04:06:07 PM [Help Desk] email is correct
04:06:13 PM [Help Desk] I will ask them to resend you email
04:06:39 PM [Visitor] does it mean i will have my money or not
04:07:07 PM [Visitor] It still says pending on transactions
04:08:37 PM [Visitor] Defo no mail
04:10:25 PM [Help Desk] accounts said they will email you again
04:10:39 PM [Visitor] Ok
04:11:38 PM [Help Desk] sorry for delay as all they delay is due to documents was incomplete when they were submitted in first go
04:12:02 PM [Visitor] Ok
04:12:24 PM [Help Desk] is there anything else I can help you with
this one was sent yesterday
Chat Transcript
11:08:02 PM [Visitor] what time does your accounts team finish please
11:08:54 PM [Help Desk]Hello, Welcome to Casino Help Desk, how may I help you?
11:09:07 PM [Visitor] what time does your accounts team finish please
11:10:03 PM [Help Desk] Dear player accounts team still working today..they are already working late to process all withdrawals
11:10:11 PM [Visitor] all
11:10:58 PM [Help Desk] please wait for sometime, they will process your withdrawal also
11:11:18 PM [Visitor] already been waiting 17 days
11:12:21 PM [Visitor] just to let you know my email account will take emails from your accounts department
11:13:23 PM [Visitor] it wont go into spam and I have spend enough on my transactions for my withdrawal to go through and I have sent all my documents
11:14:14 PM [Visitor] jerry said my withdrawal would be fast trackedon friday
11:15:24 PM [Help Desk] dear player i am assuring you that your withdrawal will be done today
11:15:30 PM [Visitor] ok
11:15:39 PM [Visitor] thank you

these are just from today and yesterday please help resolve this

Posted on November 14, 2014

Dear karen,

We reviewed your withdrawal case and find out that you did not submit complete documents in first go, due to that your withdrawal go delayed and our live help always assisted you and kept informing you to get in touch with accounts.

I have also checked with accounts and manager both are in touch with and you been getting proper response from us.

I request you to take this false complaint back and get it removed. We are always there for our player but we don't appreciate such false complaints.

We look forward to building a healthy relation with you and will give you highest quality of customer service.

Team Crazy Spins

Posted on November 14, 2014

We have been informed from the player that an agreement with the casino has been reached. Therefore, we consider this case as closed and successfully resolved.

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