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Guts Casino - Not paying out after 5 days and counting

posted on September 29, 2015.

I'm filing this complaint after 5 days, over 20 emails and no explanation of why my account is now under investigation and now some Guts reps ignoring my emails. The answer I keep getting is Tomorrow.

Here's my issue.

I won $1900cad so I decide to withdraw $1600cad from my account. Being a new player at Guts I understand I must verify ID and banking. I have provided all the documents asked for by their team (D liscence, bank docs, and my various deposit methods such as Paysafe, prepaids). Guts Customer service has been responding to my emails and have been kind but I don't understand why there's still an issue with my payment when a rep said I was verified then another rep asked for banking info whitch I provided. So now I have been informed my account is under investigation and I'm still locked our of my account for KYC reasons.

Id like to resolve this issue and continue playing at Guts.I chose Guts because of the withdraw time being 2hrs. I didn't think it would take over 5 days. I like playing at Guts and would like to keep playing there.Could you plse take a look at my account and contact me regarding my withdrawal and lockout of account? Withdrawal request was Sept 24th 2015.

Thanks for listening.Hope to hear from you soon,  Here's my account info.

posted on October 1, 2015.

Hello mrwilliewonkaz

Thank you for the thorough explanation of the matter. I have taken a look into this and managed to conclude the following, presented below

First and foremost, the withdrawal in question did exceed our normal processing times and we sincerely apologies for that. The withdrawal was originally initiated on 2015-09-24 17:37:25 CET and documents were requested on that very same day. Due to a first sizable withdrawal, we could not process this instantly without performing security checks first. The account was temporarily closed in the interim while we were waiting for the requested documents to be received and furthermore approved by our security team.

As of today (early this morning) I can confirm that based on the provided documents, the account was confirmed verified and the withdrawal processed accordingly at 2015/10/01 09:33:13 CET. Moreover, since the account is now confirmed fully verified, the account has been reopened as well. That being said, I will personally be in touch and follow up and make sure that the funds reach the account within the normal time frame for international bank wire transfers

From our end, we can consider this case resolved, but will of course leave the call open until the player confirm so

Kind regards

posted on October 1, 2015.

Thx Emir. Its too bad I had to resort to posting a complaint as the security team could have simply just let me know about your concerns. I did have all documents within a day and a half after my request. Its just a failure to communicate on Guts end as I was dilligent to get my payout.Guts has contacted me and my account has been re opened. So far no payment received. I'll gladly post when funds received.

Thx to askgamblers.Com for your help also.


posted on October 5, 2015.

Hi AskGamblers and mrwilliewonkaz

I will update this call with the latest. The withdrawal was processed on our end and me myself is currently in touch with the player awaiting the funds to reach the account.

As of yesterday (Sunday) the user got in touch with me after noticing that the entered bank details were incorrect in one of the required fields, meaning we are now in process of tracing and re-routing the funds in order to have them sent to the correct account as provided by the user. Obviously this extends the time for the funds to reach the account but we are in touch with the payment provider as well in order to solve this in the best possible way.

I am currently in touch with the player and will leave this call open until the player wants to confirm it resolved

Kind regards

posted on October 8, 2015.

Yes we are in contact and still waiting as I made an error doth my banking info. Emir has been very helpful with following through with everything he has promised. Once funds are received I will let askgamblers.Com know.Should be any day now.


posted on October 11, 2015.

Hi AskGam­ble­rs/­Mrw­ill­iew­onkaz

The latest update on this matter is that on Thursday the 8th of October, the funds were automatically returned once again to the users Guts account due to incorrect bank details. It was noticed that the bank code was incorrect (missing one digit) - hence we had to amend the details once again and resend this on Thursday evening. This means that the funds should show up around Wednesday at latest. I am in continued contact with the user and it should now only be a matter of time before the case can be resolved

Kind regards

posted on October 13, 2015.

I'm happy to say that the funds have arrived in my account. Emir has been very helpful with my case and has really changed my opinion with Guts casino.Emir has went above and beyond my expectations to resolve the issue at hand. I will continue to play with Guts.


posted on October 14, 2015.

Based on player's last comment, we consider this case as resolved and it is now officially closed.