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GoProCasino - Been given intentionally false bonus rules information more than once


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$ 5000

Lucky84 Canada
Posted on July 12, 2019

I played multiple aspire global casinos cashiopiea & “piratespin and won 7000$ cdn between them in a span of a couple weeks (also lost my fair share on their other platforms).

Then I deposited 200$ and received 100% match offer.

All there terms are i identical, same employees answering questions for all casinos.

I wanted to confirm the max bet as I found it to be worded tricky. I asked prior to playing at GOPRO to protect myself even though all the other platforms told me $4 is the max bet. I attached what Gopro sent me and I even asked them to confirm with their floor manager what the max bet was, they all reassured me $4.

I never bet over 4$ until playthrough was met. The two other casinos above payed me out and I spun 4$ all the time on both.

They denied because I breached their bonus terms of max bet. I asked their workers and they promised me I could bet 4$. I had a good balance off of the bat and did well luckily. I wasn’t tried to rush through the play through.... once I met it I was spinning up to $15.... I got up to 8k and as lows as $500.

On top of it I never used the bonus funds and was also told the bonus terms only start once you loose your initial deposit, “real money”.

They’ve denied me and ignored the fact that I have evidence of their employees giving me the wrong info and I have to pay for it???

Why pay me on the other two casinos if I broke their terms of betting $4??? No warnings???

What a joke... they say their decision is final but it’s time as I’ve waited 2 months for the world to see how much of a joke they really are.

I have conversations saved, chats saved, emails saved. This is only a small glimpse of their wrong doings, purposely misleading their customers, its a win win for them. You loose or it’s breach of terms.

They still haven’t even payed me my initial deposit back either, they said they did through ecopayz but I checked and never got it...

They scammed me of $5000 Canadian.

I can provide more proof of their lies and deceptions, just let me know what evidence you need.

Thank you,,