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Jackpotland Casino - Excessive delaying tactics and poor support

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Jackpotland Casino
Reason Verification issues
Julesanthony United Kingdom Message
Posted on March 15, 2016

I joined this casino on Monday 7 March and deposited £20. With the welcome bonus I had £40 to play with and needed to play through £1200 to release and potential winnings. Within 2hours I was at about £112 with about £300 left to play through so I thought that slots were good honest ones and I was happy with this casino. But then ... I was locked out of my account. I enquired why and I was told that it was because I had closed an account and excluded myself from an account I had at their sister casino (casino.com). I was completely unaware that these two casinos were linked (naturally, being a member of the public) and stated my case that I closed my account at casino.com and not this one so this one should be looked at independently as I don't have a gambling problem. They agreed and requested that I send up to date ID and sign a declaration of liability form which will allow me to play in Jackpotland.com. I agreed and was happy with that outcome.

By the end of the day I had submitted all the ID docs they required, plus I had also printed, signed and photographed their liability form and emailed back to them. I was told it would take 'up to 72 hours to process'. I thought this was quite long, but agreed to wait (so long as I was able to get back in and continue playing through my welcome bonus winnings which i had 7 days to do so).

Thursday evening - that's about 80 hours later, I rec'd an email saying that all my ID had been verified, but the Declaration of Liability form was no good as they had sent thew wrong one out and it related to 'casino.com' and not 'jackpot land.com'. I was disappointed with this as I had waited 80 hours to be told they had sent the wrong form and that I must print and sign the enclosed form instead. I got straight onto live support (who are good by the way) but they said is a security/management issue and they can't do anything about it themselves, but I should sign the new form and they will 'escalate' the matter for me.

So I sent the new form on Thursday afternoon and emailed a message saying can they make it happen under 72 hours this time as it was their error sending the wrong form, plus i only have 3 days left to play through my deposit. I rec'd an automated email saying i would take up to 72 hours. Arrrggh. I contact live support on Friday evening (30 hours later) and ask what's happening, Again they say they can't do anything but will try to 'escalate' the matter. Saturday midday - 48 hours later, still no reply, so I send an email. No reply.

I am writing this message Saturday evening - nearly another 72 hours again on top of the initial 80 hours and it seems that this casino do not want me to have my welcome bonus funds/winnings to play with and look likely to stall me until the 7 days are up and that £112 (approx amount) I have in my account will be forfeited as I was unable to play in the casino. Shoddy customer service would be a understatement - I am hoping that this complaint will kickstart a reply from 'secur­ity­/ma­nag­ement'.

Julesanthony United Kingdom Message
Posted on March 16, 2016

Wednesday 16 March - still no response and into the 10th day since I first joined.

Julesanthony United Kingdom Message
Posted on March 18, 2016

Friday 18 March and still no reply.
I have around £100 in play. All my ID is verified, yet this account is still suspended. Every time I contact Live Support they say that 'its coming from a good place' the reason they are taking so long.
In comparison, Video Slots took 36 hours to reopen an account of mine. What is going on? 12 days and counting ...

Julesanthony United Kingdom
Posted on March 19, 2016

After no response on Saturday I contacted the live support - 13 days since my account was suspended.

I was then told I would receive an email in1 hour after they had spoken to security. Guess what!? A miracle, I got an email. Only to tell me that the casino was sorry to hear I have a gambling problem and my account would remain frozen!


1, I do not have a gambling problem.

2, I closed an account a sister company last year due to not liking the casino

3, I logged in here unwittingly and deposited £20 (played for 3 hours, made £100).

4, My account is closed/suspended.

5, I'm told to send in new ID and sign a declaration of liability form.

6, I do all that - 4 days later they say they sent me the wrong form and send a new one which I need to sign before they can reopen my account.

7, I do that the same day and then have to wait a further 10 days

8, 13 days later they say they won't open my account here and that they are sorry i have a gambling problem.

I find this very rude to assume I have a gaming problem.

There has been no mention of my money in play.

What an absolute shambles the management and customer service is here and I demand that I am given my money back or my account to be reopened as there is no reason why it should have been closed.

Posted on March 22, 2016

Hi there,

We have records in our systems of this customer previously requesting a self exclusion back in 2012, where he specified that the issue was with problem gambling and furthermore, he stated that he was only 15 years of age.

As per our Responsible Gaming page (http:­//w­ww.c­as­ino.co­m/a­bou­t/r­esp­ons­ibl­e-g­ami­ng.h­tml), “it is your responsibility to not attempt to reopen your account, keep playing or attempt to open another account with the Mansion Group if you have requested an Access Control setting. Any Access Controls set will apply across all Mansion brands, not just the brand on which the limit was requested; however this can take up to 48 hours to come into effect.”

Whenever it is found that a customer has been able to circumvent the Access Control feature, the account is made neutral (as if the gambling had never taken place) with all real money deposits returned and the account closed.

This applies whether a customer has won or lost. So, if this customer had deposited a large amount and lost all of it, Mansion would return the full amount of the deposited funds. In this situation the customer had won some funds, but our treatment of the situation is the same – the account is rendered neutral and all deposits returned.

Upon further investigation of this customer’s account, it was decided that it was in the best interests of the customer and the casino, if the account was not reopened – this decision is made in good faith at the discretion of senior management as per our Terms and Conditions and in accordance with Regulatory Licensing Conditions.

Best wishes,


Posted on March 25, 2016

Dear @Julesanthony,

Are you satisfied with casino response, can we close this complaint? Please be advised that in case you fail to respond within the given time frame we will consider this case as resolved and closed.

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