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Dunder Casino - No access to my account

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Disputed casino Dunder Casino
Reason Registration issues
JSDoc Netherlands Message
Posted on August 21, 2018

On the 8th of August I received a notification by e-mail to change my password as there were attempts from others to get into my account. Unfortunately I didn't see that notification as it came into my spam box. On the 9th of August I made a deposit of 20 euro and played that day without any problems. I also won some bonus money. The 10th I played again and made a withdrawal of 20 euro without any problems. Then suddenly I was kicked out of a game and logged out. I tried to get back in, bit received a message that my account was locked. At that moment I still had some 190 euro bonus money in my account with still about 60% to play to get the bonus. I have sent a message through the website and later also by e-mail. I received an answer with the message about the hacking activities and that they were busy with a 2nd step verification. I could wait for that or sent a selfie with the copy of my passport to a certain e-mail address for activating my account sooner. On Monday the 13th I received a message that the 2nd step verification was activated and my account unlocked. So I tried to log in but at the 2nd verification step nothing happened. No SMS with a verification code so still no access to my account. Contacted Dunder and they advised me to take certain steps. I tried all of them, but still nothing happens. I sent my last E-mail yesterday but for a few days now I'm not getting any response at all. I want access to my account to continue playing with my bonus money. Dunder has the correct phone number as I'm receiving their offers through SMS. Can you please help me solve this issue?

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