Sloto' Cash Casino - Documents rejected, account closed

Cashback United States
posted on November 27, 2015.

the other day I was playing in slotocash casino using the bonus code no deposite $ 31 then I win $ 180.
I handed over some documents to make withdrawals, but they reject the document and said:

Dear Xander,
Thank you for contacting Slotocash Casino. After reviewing the documentation submitted, your account did not pass our internal security checks. A decision has been made to close your account. This decision will not be reversed. As per our Terms and Conditions:
10. The Company reserves the right to cancel your account for any reason whatsoever at any time without notice to you. Any balance in your account at the time of such cancellation may be credited to you, however, the Company reserves the right, in its unfettered discretion, to void any winnings and confiscate any balance in your Casino account in any circumstances Including:
In the event a new account under your name is created, it will Also be closed.
Security Team

This does not make sense because my documents so clear and official.
I want to reveal what makes them (slotocash) refused to pay me.

ASKGAMBLERS please help me to find evidence of why they refused to pay me

posted on November 30, 2015.


You submitted fraudulent documents

Also the fact that you opened 2 askgamblers threads at the same time about the same issue with 2 different usernames speaks for itself


Please stop trying to give our casino a bad name

Mr Sloto

Cashback United States
posted on November 30, 2015.


What your mean??
I dont understand?
You can check my documents again!

Cashback United States
posted on November 30, 2015.

I do not understand what you are talking about.
May be askgambler simultaneously approve our complaints !

Cashback United States
posted on November 30, 2015.

all our complaints based askgamblers approval .
you can ask for clarification to askgambler about our complaint with the same time !

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