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Caribbean Gold Cashout Stalling

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Disputed casino Caribbean Gold Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Posted on May 16, 2014

After going through all the hassles of providing every piece of documentation to get a cashout; never mind that they dont care about any of this when your DEPOSITING money. when you win, suddenly they get a case of nervousness about legality and limits on how they will pay you. NONE of these limits apply to DEPOSITS. Funny how this is kind of one sided right? They blame THEIR processors, those processors take your money immediately. Why cant they pay it the same way? No answer.

All i want is to be treated the same as they treat themselves. Nevermind that I am a customer; should be treated better. These same lame excuses simply do not hold up to anyone with a shred of intelligence. If you can take it in in 24 hours, you can pay it the same, if you are honorable.

The blame is always placed on the "mystery" processor. The casino owners have bank accounts. I assume they pay their employees and hosting companies with money. Easy, tell you bank to wire the money to my account. You are not covering any tracks by using other people, you are only making it more likely that someone rolls on you, not to mention the obnoxious fees you, sorry, your players pay.

Posted on May 2, 2011

Hello grahamnc84.

Thank you for choosing Caribbean Gold

We apologize for the delay in response to your comments.

Unfortunately we cannot address your concerns without your account number or email= address. Can you please send us your account number to suppor­[email protected]­ari­bbe­ang­ address where we can further investigate the issue. Please put "­ask­gam­ble­rs" in the subject so we can identify you as well.

Looking forward to hearing from you and turn this into a much better experience at Caribbean Gold.


Caribbean Gold

Posted on May 13, 2011

Hello Caribbean Gold,

You have received an email notification from us with Player ID and email used at your casino at 24th April.

Please let us know if you receive it, so we can resend it.

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