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Euromoon Casino - Cancelled both of my 100 euros withdrawals without a valid reason

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Euromoon Casino
Reason Bonus terms violation
Amount ‚ā¨ 150
Posted on June 7, 2016

I won around 150 euros with my welcome free spins. I was only able to withdraw 100 euros, because of their cash out restriction for no deposit bonuses (like most sites have). Then I asked their live chat support that can I play the remaining money for fun, since the wagering was done already. And I asked can I do it with high bets,
because there was no wagering requirements left anymore (I also checked that I was able to do a withdraw). He told me I can do that, but just do not go under 100 euros and lose your winnings. (I also checked the rules and according to rules after the wagering is done there are no max bets).
Then I played till 100 euros and made a withdraw.
But before making a withdraw I had to deposit at least 50 euros in order to do a withdraw. So I deposited 50 euros and they removed the bonus amount from free spin winnings (around 20 euros),
so I had 30 euros balance and then I won 100 euros with my deposited money and now I was able to withdraw those 100 euros as well (100 euros is min withdraw amount).
I sent documents for them etc. and was waiting for a withdraw.

Now I found out that my withdraw was denied, because of those high bets which I made after my wagering requirement was done (and I was not able to win more money with those high bets, because the max withdrawal with those free spins were 100 euros).
And I also found out that I have only 50 euros balance at the moment, even though I had won 100 euros with my own money and those winnings were waiting until I could withdraw them, because the site allows only 1 withdraw at a time.
(for some reason they have removed 50 euros as well from my balance).
So overall I lost 150 euros + and most likely I will lose my balance as well since minium deposit is 100 euros (so I have to play with my 50 euros AGAIN to achieve that 100 euros.)
and after that my overall lose will be 200 euros.
They do not answer to my questions etc, emailing them will not help. They cannot even send me my chat logs from 26.5.2016, where the live chat support told me that the wagering is done and now I am allowed to bet whatever I want to. They stopped answering for my questions after I asked: "which rule did I break, because I only placed over 5 euros bets after the wagering requirement was done and the live chat support told me that I can do that + the rules says I can place over 5 euros bets after the wagering is done".

I also have screen shots/phone video of their rules + my game history. Unfortunately I do not have that chat log from 26.5.2016 (because they do not want to send it for me).

Posted on June 7, 2016

I just got the chat log from 26.5.2016 -- THE DAY I GOT TRICKED TO LOSE MY WINNINGS.

[19:37:45] Joonas Heikkilä: so i can withdraw everything? (150e=
[19:37:47] Joonas Heikkilä: 150e
[19:39:01] Matt: only 100
[19:39:08] Matt: then you will had you 50
[19:39:14] Matt: you can win from them
[19:39:17] Matt: and withdraw again
[19:39:29] Joonas Heikkilä: so
[19:39:32] Joonas Heikkilä: i deposit 50e
[19:39:38] Joonas Heikkilä: then I have total balance of 150e
[19:39:42] Joonas Heikkilä: I withdraw 100e
[19:39:48] Joonas Heikkilä: I have 50e left ( my deposit )
[19:39:58] Joonas Heikkilä: then IF I win 100e or more
[19:40:02] Joonas Heikkilä: I can withdraw them ?
[19:42:06] Matt: yes
[19:44:09] Joonas Heikkilä: okay
[19:44:12] Joonas Heikkilä: what about
[19:44:22] Joonas Heikkilä: I have 169.87 balance right now
[19:44:34] Joonas Heikkilä: what do I do with the 69.87 euros?
[19:44:41] Matt: it will be gone
[19:44:48] Matt: once you make the withdraw
[19:45:07] Joonas Heikkilä: Can i
[19:45:11] Joonas Heikkilä: play 69.87 now
[19:45:15] Joonas Heikkilä: put a 60euros bet
[19:45:18] Joonas Heikkilä: try to lose
[19:45:21] Joonas Heikkilä: then withdraw 100e
[19:45:34] Matt: there is no point
[19:45:53] Matt: since what you are going to get now is going to disappear once you make your deposit and withdraw
[19:46:04] Joonas Heikkilä: but for fun
[19:46:27] Matt: for fun you can play allway
[19:46:32] Matt: but dont risk since you already won
[19:46:37] Matt: just make your withdraw
[19:46:44] Matt: and then play for fun how much you want
[19:49:24] Matt: Well, if you would need any help or if you will have any question or request, we are here for you 24/7

Those bets which were over 30% of the bonus amount were done after the wagering was done. I asked if I could play the remaining money for fun, since the wagering was done (and I wanted to try high bets just to get that feeling to bet high, even though there was no way to win anything because of the maxium withdraw amount with no deposit bonuses.)
I asked if I am allowed to make 60 euros bet, and the response was: "there is no point", "for fun you can play allway". He never told me I cannot do that even though it is against the rules, or if I do that I will lose my winnings (even though the rules states that after the wagering is done you can bet what ever you want.). He only said: "[19:46:32] Matt: but dont risk since you already won " so he stated that do not lose the money you have already won, and obviously I would not go under 100 euros (but because the max cash out was 100 euros I wanted to play the remaining money for fun, and he gave me a permission to do that, so why not?)

Yesterday I asked from the same guy, why he did not warn me that I would lose my money from doing that. He told me that he thought I would want to lose the money -- even though I was constantly asking how much I had wagering left, what is the maxium cash out, how I can withdraw my money and so on. There was no way he would think that I would like to lose my money on purpose.

Posted on June 7, 2016

No deposit free spin rules does not say anywhere that I am no allowed to bet over 30% after the wagering is done.
And the rule 12. states that after the wagering is done there are no high bet restrictions.
And when I made those high bets I HAD NO WAGERING LEFT.

I also posted some screenshots about my live chat session with one of their live chat supports and I asked about these rules and here you can see what happened.

Posted on June 7, 2016

If I would not have been chatting with this live support called "Matt" I would have never done those high bets. Because of him I thought I am allowed to do them. So in other words he made me lose my winnings and at the same time break the rules.

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