Boyle Casino refuses to pay, no explanation given

aketti Finland
posted on October 21, 2015.

Boyle Casino suddenly suspended my ability to withdraw my account balance $15,330.00, which was mostly my own deposited money. They claimed my account is under some investigation, but they won't give any other information or updates of any progress. All this has lasted over two months now.

posted on October 26, 2015.

Dear @aketti,
Any update considering your complaint? Thank you.

aketti Finland
posted on October 29, 2015.

Now Boyle Casino sent me an email stating that I'm finally able to withdraw. Only how the acted during the last two months, suddenly freezing my balance for 'poker investigation' (I was told later) although I never even played one single hand poker, was odd and most of all impolite as they didn't notify or give any explanation, updates, follow-ups, let alone apologise inconvenience. Just big silence, mysterious, but seems like all's well that ends well.

posted on November 9, 2015.

Based on player's last comment we consider this case as Resolved.

The complaint is now officially closed.