Boyle Casino - Having troubles with unfinished bonus round

Tamii Render United Kingdom
posted on May 16, 2016.

on Tuesday 8th of May i was playing Halloween Fortune on Boyles Casino. The website was running slow and kept kicking me out of certain games, eventually Halloween Fortune seemed to be working ok so I played a few spins then hit a bonus round. After 5 spins on the bonus round the game froze so i took scrrenshots and reloaded the game but the bonus round and my winnings had dissapeared!
I immediatly contacted live chat who claimed they were unable to see any bonus rounds on my account and to contact care through the email address. I did this and sent the screenshots advising of the problem, after 3 day Boyles finally replied apologising that the site had been suffering from technical difficulties on that day andd offering me £20 bonus as compensation!
The problem is this bonus round could have been worth a substatial anount of money... I was doing £5 spins and hit a x4 multiplier for 20 free spins! £5x4=20x20= 400 - i know this is not an accurate of working out the worth of the bonus round but it should have paid a substantial amount of money to me.
I refused the £20 bonus from Boyles and explained my unhappiness but they are unwilling to help further.
i have attached photos showing the bonus round and the game history that shows an incomplete game

posted on May 19, 2016.

Hi Tamii R

Many thanks for your feedback. We have looked into your account and can confirm the following:

This incident occurred on Tuesday, the 10th of May, our provider was experiencing some wallet issues which caused the disconnection of some bonus rounds before the free games were completed.

As a result of this we are happy to offer a bonus of £35. The bonus amount was decided based on the game return on the completed free games, £15 won from 6 of the free games, leaving 14 games before the game got disconnected.

We have credited your account with £35 as the potential return from the remaining 14 Free Spin sessions (return per session = £2.5, multiplied by 14 = £35).

Best of luck,
BoyleSports Casino Team

Tamii Render United Kingdom
posted on May 19, 2016.

£35 is not an acceptable figure for that bonus round. It is unfair to work out the value of the bonus round based on the previous 4 spins been £4! It would be much more accurate to base it on the calculation I stated in my previous post... £5x£20 spins X4 multiplier =£400 minus the slots house edge.
This is the rtp of the slot and the amount it should return over time on average.
I will not accept a bonus less than £100 and even then I am still not happy about the outcome.

posted on May 19, 2016.

Hi Tammy,

I am sorry you feel disappointing, but this is the best we can offer under these circumstances. Ultimately there is no way of knowing what you would have won or lost if you would have continued playing.

I am afraid we will not engage in further discussion here, but free free to contact our CS if you would like to discuss further.

Best wishes,
BoyleSports Casino Team