ComeOn Casino - How long I have to wait for a simple bonus removal?

Dan Quigley United Kingdom
posted on November 7, 2015.

I had been making deposits and constantly wishing for no bet bonus. Then I made a deposit of £130 and forgot to tick the no bonus option. I then see u have £230 in my account. I instantly requested this to be removed via email. I got a automated response saying they will get back to me. That was 13:10 on 6/11-15 it's now 23 hours later and they have not got back to me and have been ignoring my emails. As far as I'm concerned I should the £100 removed. I didn't bet any of the money and I jut want my money back now.

posted on November 9, 2015.

Dear fb_101­561­329­638­90648,

We were experiencing higher volumes of e-mails than usual in your language which caused our response time to be a bit longer than we would like. We apologise for this, and we can see that you did get a reply by e-mail and can assure you that we did not ignore you.
In this instance you could have cancelled the bonus you activated by mistake by going to "my account" -> "my bonuses". For the future we suggest using the live chat whenever it is available for quicker responses.

Best regards,

posted on November 13, 2015.

Are you satisfied with casino response, did they manage to forthwith aforementioned bonus? Please be advised that in case you fail to respond within the given time frame we will consider this case as resolved and closed.