Bad Check from Casino Titan

posted on November 24, 2012.

The check that was sent to pay a $550.02 withdrawal was returned "account closed"

I have emailed 3 times over the last week, Live chat twice.

Live chat told me to email. Never a response acknowledging the worthless check.

I have another $500.00 cash-out processed 11/20, wonder what are the odds of it being paid

10/22/2012 7:35:10 AM

WireTransfer Withdrawal Approved!




11/16/2012 DEPOSITED ITEM RETURNED $550.02

"account closed"

Live Chat

John: Your check was returned closed account

Jeremy: May I have your username?

John: *******

Jeremy: can you please specify your request ?

John: I want payment, this check was returned. It was written from Canada. "closed account"

Jeremy: you got a check from us who was not good ?

John: Yes

Jeremy: please email finance:

Jeremy: financ­[email protected]­asi­not­ita­ and they will handle it asap