FashionTV Casino - Yet another complaint about delayed payment

Newnamous Sweden
posted on December 15, 2015.

I wish I would have looked at this website before deposit at FashionTv Casino because then I would never had played at that casino in the first place because it seems very obvious that this casino are using the same tactics on many players that wish to withdraw.

It cant be a coincidence that there are so many complaints saying the same thing about delaying tactics, about a poor support that seems to only be there to same the same things over and over again no matter what question you ask, you still get the standard answers no matter what you ask.

My problems started when I was gonna make my withdraw, it said I didn't have enough money when I clearly had wich the support also stated, they said they would look it over and contact me when they have sorted out the problem, I never did get a email and it was only when I decided to check anyway I was able to see that i now could make my withdrawn.
I sent in my documents and they got approved the 3rd dec wich I got confirmed from both the support and by one of rare emails but now is where all the problems started.

I contacted the support to ask how long it would take and if they would speed the withdraw up as goodwill since there was technical issues and I couldn't make my withdraw at first, in many conversation during these days I have been told they are speeding things up etc.

But here is one of the conversation from the 4th dec when I made my withdraw I had where I asked how long it would take, notice that how they never mention a word about 10 days (and I should have reacted because a support that doesn't have basic information of how long it usual take? and have in mind how they will speed it up for me) and how they also talk about my documents even though they had already been approved and when I point that out they say yes well

"Savannah 07:07:01 am
Your documents have been approved and the account is verified. The relevant department is checking your withdraw request and we will contact you as soon as possible,

XXXXXX 07:08:49 am
How long will that take? usually when you use skrill/moneybookers at casinos it doesn't take so long so are we talking about some more hours or 24 hours? ( you should have an idea of how long it usually take) I'm only askign because there was som eproblem so I need to see that it's all sorted and that the money will arrive to Skrill, after that I am able to make a deposit at this casino again

Savannah 07:11:00 am
I am sorry. The time taken for a withdrawal depends. It is going to take more than 24 hours.

Not a word about 10 days, and I also recived a email saying this:

"Fri, 12/04/15 8:11 am


Thank you for choosing FashionTV Casino!
We are writing to you regarding withdrawal request.
We would like to inform you that your withdraw request has been received and will be processed as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that there is processing time on our side and then there is additional processing time from the payment method. In your case the additional time from Skrill is 1-2 business days after we process the payment. As soon as we have an update we will get back to you immediately via email. We apologize for the inconvenience and we would like to thank you for you patience!
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime!
Best regards,"

Nothing about 10 days there either. the thing is I wouldn't have a problem with the time if they had just told me from the start instead of saying they would speed things up, and howcome they kept saying they had no idea how long it would take? All I wanted to know was how long it would take so I could plan for it.

This is a conversation from the 6th dec and they still say nothing about 10 days instead they now said my withdraw would be processed in 48 hours

"Jessica 04:37:54 am
Please be informed that there is processing time on our side and then there is additional processing time from the payment method. In your case the additional time from Skrill is 1-2 business days after we process the payment.

XXXXX 04:39:18 am
I know that information already. I know it will be 1-2 days at skrills side when this casino has processed the withdraw BUT i want to know WHEN this casino will have process it because it still says pending. So I want to know when fashiontv casino will have processed my winning, if you don't know the answer I would like to talk to a supervisor please.

Jessica 04:41:56 am
Unfortunetely I'm not a part of the technical team so I can't give you exact timing
Also please be informed that it's weekend so that's why it might take a little longer

XXXXXXX 04:42:38 am

Tehn I would like to talk to a supervisor. I do find it very odd that the support doesnt have knowledge about the processing time though, it should be basic knowledge.

Jessica 04:45:36 am

I'd like to clarify that there is additional processing time from Skrill which is up to 2 business days
And today is Sunday

XXXXXXX 04:49:19 am
I know that already as i have already told you. What I want to know is the time it take for this casino to process it. I can understand if it takes longer because of it being weekend but I want to know the time it usually take to process the withdraw. Im an experienced player and most casinos have a time, and have no problem telling what time it usually takes. I just want to know how long it will take before you start to process becaise it still says pending and not processing on my withdraw, after it has been processed I know it will take 1-2 days for it to reach Skrill(even though I'm not sure why since it usually goes much faster than that on other casinos) I just want to have a time, will my withdraw be process on monday? tuesday? in 5 hours?
Is it possible to talk to a supervisor, i have asked that a few times. maybe you have missed it? :)

Jessica 04:52:33 am
I'm sorry but there's no supervisor available at the moment
Your withdrawal should be processed within the next 48 hours"

They still said nothing about 10 days at this time either but I got promised it would be processed withoin 48 hours and i also got a email sayign the same thing and nowhere it said anything about 10 days

But straight away after that conversation I get this email taking back the promise of within 48 hours, and it came about 1 hour I had been told it would be within 48 hours, so just after they tell you something they changed it immidetly.

"Dear Mrs XXXXX
We are writing to you regarding your withdrawal claim.
We would like to inform you that our relevant department is currently checking the payment and there is a possibility that the waiting time would take more than 48 hours.We handle this withdrawal with priority and we do our best to fasten the process.We will keep you updated when the withdrawal is confirmed.Thank you for your patience in advance.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime."

At this point I'm getting very frustrating because I'm starting to see a pattern here, all i wanted to know was how long it would take but instead they talk you around saying they don't know.
(wich is odd for a support not to know) and then they start saying different things, and still nothing about the 10 days they now claim.

The 7th dec they first start to mention the 10 days but they still say I'm a priority and they will speed things up

"Paulina 05:38:47 am
Your withdrawal is being currently processing, as soon as the withdraw is processed we will get back to you via email :)

XXXXXX 05:40:38 am
That's great, I have been waiting for the process to started and now it has. DO you know how long it will take? (it said in the mail that they would handle my withdrawal with priority and fasten the process.)

Paulina 05:42:02 am
A withdrawal process takes usualy 10 days but as we mentioned in the email, your withdrawal request has been handled with priority so no worries :) I can't give you an exact day but I can assure you that you'll recieve your payment shortly. Thank you for your patience.

XXXXX 05:43:24 am
10 days?? I got told it would take 48 hours but that mine would be handled faster (there was some techincla issues from your side at the beginning) So it wont take 10 days from now then?

Paulina 05:44:10 am
Yes, I'm aware and your withdrawal is being currently processing, it just might take a little bit more than 48 hours. But as I mentioned you are a value customer to us, so your request is being handled with priority."

So now they start to mention the 10 days but my withdraw is processing and it's getting handles with priority and it might take a litte more than 48 hours (at this point it's the 7th dec and I made the withdraw the 4th dec so it doesn't feel like they are speeding up that much but I still have hope it will be solved but the 9th dec I have heard nothign and contact them again and get told this:

"Paulina 03:08:25 pm
Hello !
We have checked with the relevant department and your withdrawal is being finalizing, we will contact you via email shorltly."

This howevere turn out not to be correct either and after more of these kind of conversations where they keep repeating first the 10 days and when I remind them of they promising to speed up and that I got told it was finalized I asked to talk to a supervisor because I've had enough and I got to talk to Lauren

Here is some of what was said:

"Lauren 01:40:22 pm
Ok, the withdrawal process on our side has been finalized, in other words, your account has been verified, you sent us your document, they have been approved, your accouht has been updated. So the payment request is forwarded to the financial department to send out the money.

XXXXXXXXX 01:40:39 pm
Thank you Lauren...!
That's just what I wanted to know, this have been so stressing for me.. :(

Lauren 01:41:23 pm
So straight to the question - your withdrawal is being finalized, please allow us just a little bit of time. I understand that you want to receive the money as soon as possible, so do we, but internally we have security checks just to make sure that the right person receives the money.

XXXX 01:41:56 pm
WHAT`??? you just told me it has been and now you are saying it still is??
You first said it had been finalized and now two seconds later you say its being finalized, wich is it???

Lauren 01:43:49 pm
XXXX, I believe there was a missunderstanding between you and me. Let me summarize please.

XXXXX 01:45:34 pm
"Ok, the withdrawal process on our side has been finalized" - "your withdrawal is being finalized," Just scroll up and see what you wrote to me, first it had been finalized and then staright after you wrote it was being -

Lauren 01:49:27 pm
It is all good with your withdrawal request. At the moment we are running standard security checkes in order to send out the money to your Skrill account. By finalized, I mean that we have verified your account, updated it, everything is ok. Now we are waiting for our department just to send out the money. There is no issue with your payment, XXXX. We are giving our best to speed up the process, which can ussually take up to 10 business days. You dont have nothing to worry about, I just ask you for a little bit of patience.
XXXX, I guarantee you that our agents have treated you with extra attention and forwarded your request to speed up the payment every time as discussed with you. So at the moment thwe are just waiting for a confirmation from the relevant department. :)"

So now I have from a supervisor that all is needed is for the paymentdepartment to send it to Skrill. That was the 10th dec, but surprise nothing happens and it still says pending and I keep contacting the support and get told the same things 10 days bla bla and I remind them of what I have been promised and what the supervisor have said and that I just want confirmation that i want to know if the paymentdepartment has sent the money to Skrill (wich I then have to wait 1-2 days to get the money) but I get talked around and told they will email, wich of course doesn't happen, I ask to talk to a supervisor again but they keep saying there is none, I tell them that this is being ridicolous and I'm not getting any answers that they just make promises but nothing happens and it seems to be the same delaying tactics that I later found out on AskGamblers (and oh how I wish I would have looked here first before deposit) and I say that I have no choice then to turn to Askgamblers too because at least then I can show others that it seem to be a pattern with this casino not giving answers and delaying and even supervisors making empty promises.

So the problem isn't if it would take 10 days, its how they doesn't even mention 10 days in the start, they make promises to speed things up, they promise things are finalized, they say it will be within 48hours but as soon as they promised that they send email taking it back straigt away, they give you the same standard answer even though you ask them toher things and as you can clearly see here on Askgamblers it seems to be a pattern with this casino to delay things and come with excuses.

sk at the complaints this casino have recived and see the similarity to them.
There are far better casinos to play at where the withdraws work as smoothly as the deposits, where the support doesn't repeat the same thing over and over again and have no information and no ways to talk to other departments and make empty promises.

If they would have said from the beginning that it would take 10 days even 15 days and I would have got them after that time it would have been one thing but to say they have speed things up when they clearly haven't (I made the withdraw the 4th and today it's the 15th) and how they refuse to give straight answers and when they do it only turn out to be empty promises.. that is what makes you angry and furstrated.

I've been told my documents are approved, that the withdrawprocess has been finalized, that there is no problem with my account at all and how they would speed things up.

I don't put past this casino to delay it even more and that there will be more problems after they will finally send it to Skrill so I wont relax until the money really is on my askrillaccount.
And I wouldn't be surprised if they answer this complain only to day they will look it up and mention the 10 days etc even though I have showed how they have promised to speed things up and how they have made promises about the process being finalized etc, but then again if so you will see for yourself how they use the same tactics and that is a better proof than any complain from us players how this casino acts. but I am hoping against all ods that now finally they will honour their promises and i will get my 'speedy' withdraw sent to Skrill (reminding you again that I made the withdraw and got the documents approved 4th dec, wich says a lot about their 'speed' so far)

So here you are yet another complaint about delayingtactics.
I'm just hoping to get my winnings before christmas but I don't have much hope to be honest.

posted on December 19, 2015.

Any update regarding your complaint? Thank you.

Newnamous Sweden
posted on December 20, 2015.

I keep contacting the chat but keep getting the same answers wich are no answers at all, the same tactics they seem to have used to other players that has complained about delayed payments. You just get the same standardphrases and empty promises but nothing happens and I have to contact them all over again and get the same answer.

I finally got hold of the supervisor Lauren again who had told me it was all finalized and they just waited for the paymentdepartment to send it out she promised to get back to me about the status and I specifict asked if they had sent it out and if not why and more important when it will be done and she promsied to give me an answer but as usual I just got a mail from saying the same things as usual

"I'm contacting you regarding your withdrawal of €265.00 and I would like to give you more information about it.
As discussed with you, we can confirm that your withdrawal request will be paid to your Skrill account as soon as out Finance department completes the processing. We are aware of the delay and we appologize for the inconvenience caused. "

They still don't give specifics or answers my question and now it's back to finalizing?? even though a supervisor have told me it's finalized the 10th dec(I can send copies of this if so needed)

"Lauren 01:40:22 pm
Ok, the withdrawal process on our side has been finalized, in other words, your account has been verified, you sent us your document, they have been approved, your accouht has been updated. So the payment request is forwarded to the financial department to send out the money."

That comes from a supervisor and still nothing happens and now they are back to the same excuses.

This casino and the support keeps keeps giving the same excuses over and over again and drags it out and if you look at the other complaints it's the same tactics.
A support that is non-functional and can't answer basic questions or get in contact with other departments at the casino and payments that constantly seems to get delayed to the players - I have to ask how this casino isn't on the blacklist because there are too many complaints regarding the same issues.

I still hope I will recive my winnings but this has been really frustrating and stressing and is taking time that I would rather use on other things, but no matter how long they drag it out I will not rollback and play for my money and I strongly advise other players in the same situation the same.

posted on December 22, 2015.

We have reviewed this case and we would like to assure that at FashionTV Casino all the customers who have won can withdraw their funds according to the established procedures.

Normally there is a processing time for each withdrawal request. With regards to this case we had some technical delay with the payment method of choice so we processed the payment to the player's provided bank account instead. The payment is now processed on our side.

Please allow for five to seven business days for it to be reflected in the bank account.

We would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank the player for her patience.


FashionTV Casino

Newnamous Sweden
posted on December 22, 2015.

I recieved a mail from the casino saying there was a technical problem with Skrill (but I here want to add that I have used Skrill at other casinos during this time and have had no problems at all so the problem must be with this casinos contact with Skrill)

Anyway, this casino asked for my bankaccount wich i sent and then I recieved a email saying as stated in the reply above from the casino that my money has been sent.

BUT I want this complaint to stay open until I have actually recieved my money because it has been so many promises and excuses so until I have recieved my winnings I want the complaint to stay open.

Newnamous Sweden
posted on December 23, 2015.

I recieved the money to my bankaccount today.

BUT all the time and frustration and endless empty promises takes away most of the joy of winning.
The support can't give much information to the players or change the information as it goes and you end up hearing the same promises over and over again.

I made my withdraw the 4th, got promised tha tthey would speed things up, I got the money today the 23rd and to be honest I consder myself lucky seeing not all players that has complaint about delayed payments have been this lucky.

I got my payment so you can close this askgamblers but you should have a better image of some 'solved' complaints because there is nothing 'happy' or 'smiling' about this in my opinion.

posted on December 24, 2015.

Based on player's last comment, we consider this case as resolved and it is now officially closed.