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Yebo Casino - Refusing to pay legitimate winnings!

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Yebo Casino
Reason Declined payment
Amount R 12070.75
Posted on May 18, 2017

later of play multiples times in yebo casino in the last 2 weeks they send 2 promotions of star wars for whit 3 coupons de deposits of 25%, 50% and 100% whit min deposit of 100 zar and a 4 coupon for 1000 free, well i ask first if i can play if me account qualified in live help is promo and the represent on line via chat comment that yes whiout problem i can play , i win in the 1 coupon R 2175 zar i ask in live help if i will wait me to receive me 1 first payment and yes they comment what whiout problem i can play i continue playing and depositing later i lost coupon 2 and 3 but in the 4 (1000 free whiout deposit for the promo star wars) i win 9895 zar well later i request the 2 payment , later 1 receive a call to me house whit congratulions for me winings and continue if i want playing and depositing and i prefer wait to receive me payments...
is morning i receive a call whit the news that i abuse of the bonuses and what not can have more of 400% in bonus,
1 is ilogic is when always i ask in live and they comment what me account qualify whiout problem
2 i obeyed the rulers of the deposit i deposit and play correctly
3 only they want pay me the small payment of me 1 coupon
4 they not pay me , the 4 coupon
5 fraudulents promotions
6 if you won a important amount not pay the example is more clear in me case
7 never abuse .. deposit min amounts in zar and play whit the bonus deposits is abuse?

Posted on May 18, 2017

ANTONIOMX from our understanding this issue was already resolved directly with you over the phone and on email.

I'm trying to understand why you are now posting this online?
You gave us clear indication that this issue was resolved so please explain this post further?>

Posted on May 18, 2017

I never agreed with the decision you made. I told the person that I spoke with me on the phone that he would help me to get my 4 coupon winnings and he refused to do it. That's why I make this complaint. Yebo casino I am claiming just how much my real winnings and win correctly and legally well, I have been playing with you since last year and this is the first time I won and this was my prize? That you cancel my 4 coupon .. yebo casino if you really want this to end well please pay me 4 coupon!

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