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YakoCasino - Holding withdrawal for information against Gaming Commissions own rules


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£ 2000

Sumnuts1234 United Kingdom
Posted on August 5, 2021

Yako Casino which is 1 of 11 sites under L and L Europe is wrongly holding my withdrawal for information on my wealth.

After depositing £2000 over multiple deposits (of which I never received an email asking for information) I managed to win back my £2000 in fair games which can be seen in the history of games and transactions.

However, the second I went to withdraw the money, the email asking for a Wealth check was sent over. If I'm honest, I think this is a horrendous way of holding people to ransom on passing over extremely sensitive information on my bank statements, wage slips, and now more!

I have sent over 3 recent wage slips and 3 recent bank statements of which they then requested even more information.

They have now asked for my savings account details dating back to 01/01/2021 and they also ask for bank statements in PDF form up to today's date, which isn't possible as the bank does arrear statements and not on the day statements in PDF forms (I called and checked)

So after sending more than enough details showing I have the wealth to play, not committing fraud as I've proved my wealth comes from my wages, they are holding Mt withdrawal to ransom for private information to sell to the NSA (National Statistics Agency).

I contact the Gaming Commission who has confirmed that they can't hold withdrawals for this information (please see their website) and also that the information with the dates is more than sufficient.

This is the most controlling and intrusive action I've ever seen with casinos. They refuse to release my funds and highlighted on a live chat that they can keep the money if I don't show them Information which is also against t the Gaming Commission rules.

I have had 5 sleepless nights, worry, and anxiety believing that I would lose £2000 by these nasty and cruel actions... luckily I contact and spoke to a representative at the Gaming Commission that advised that they are not allowed to do and say the things they have.

I have followed up with them and been shit down, so advice on the next steps to be this and then follow the link on their website as well.