7 Sultans Casino - Won £3,913 and my account was immediately closed

paul1965 United Kingdom
posted on October 19, 2014.

I deposited £500 for their welcome bonus, then received it automatically. My balance at this point was £1000 (500 deposit, 500 bonus) I looked around for a slot that I would like to play, and found one eventually in Gold Factory. I started playing with £20 spins, and ended up hitting a bonus round where I won a substantial sum. I don’t know the exact amount but the non-decimal value was £3913 (plus some value in pence).

I then went to look around for other slots to play and decided upon Reel Thunder, which I played at £18 a spin for around 250 spins. I noticed as I was playing that whenever I would win a large amount on a spin (roughly £200 or more), my balance would drop immediately afterwards, as if my winnings were being erased somehow. This happened twice before I went to livechat.

On livechat a representative named Iris informed me that my account had been closed. It was a decision made by the security team, and there was no further explanation that Iris could provide.

I asked to be contacted by the security team, and i was eventually provided with an email address to contact. I received a response which accused me of breaking terms and conditions of the bonus & casino -- this was completely and utterly untrue. Every single term that they presented was not invalidated in any shape or form. Having checked through tens of times, i cannot even begin to see how I have breached any terms; I honestly have not at all.

In particular, the casino cited an ambiguous term of "irregular" play, which I can only assume is implying that spinning a win on a slot machine was not normal. Does this mean that losing on a slot machine is also "irregular"? Furthermore, the terms which elaborate on how the bonus can be played clearly indicate what play is not allowed, what the maximum bet sizes are, and so on. I'm very clear on what the terms are, and using this against me is nothing more than a weak excuse for not wanting to pay out winners.

No answers were offered to my responses to these accusations, and i have been told that the account will remain locked as per the casino's decision. I have also been informed in the most recent email that I may send through documents to have my account verified, but it "may not impact the status of the account".

I do not understand what I could possibly achieve by sending documents through to the casino, for them to decide "no, sorry, but its going to remain locked and you're not getting your winnings". On a positive note, by changing the subject it does show that the casino is considering their actions.

I am quite honestly stressed out by this, and I find it disgraceful that this is even allowed to happen on a licensed Casino. Complete foul play. I am intrigued as to what feasible justification they could ever come out with publicly without lying profusely. Thankfully I have logged every single conversation I have had with the casino staff and can bring this to light.

I can provide a document of all transcripts, both on livechat and on email if necessary.

posted on October 24, 2014.

Dear @paul1965,
Any update considering your complaint? Thank you.

paul1965 United Kingdom
posted on October 24, 2014.

Thus far I have received no further feedback from the casino regarding the unrightfully seized funds. It would seem that the issue is being somewhat avoided on their part.
However, on a positive note they have made a seemingly uncharacteristic effort to ask for documents to verify my account. Unfortunately, I have sent documents twice and after a slow response I am informed today that I need to resend them to a different email address. It seems tedious to have to send again, I'm certain they could forward to the right department. But nevertheless, if these are their procedures then I'll gladly resend when I'm home from work this evening.
I'll keep you posted on any further updates.

paul1965 United Kingdom
posted on October 26, 2014.

Just a quick update here.
Currently I'm emailing my documents for the third time, as I've just been informed that the casino has not received my attachments. This could all be a big misunderstanding -- but I carefully sent small files one-by-one, as instructed, and no automated "bounce back" message was sent to let me know that the emails weren't received (which it certainly does when you exceed the limit, as I have tested it out). I've got every reason to believe that the casino does in fact have the documents... multiple times over. If I'm completely honest, I feel like I'm having my time deliberately wasted.