Pocket Casino.EU - Withdrawing is not possible

Huy Kieu Netherlands
posted on March 21, 2016.

I deposited in total 60 euro via Neteller, I lost some money and got my balance back to 21 euro. The minimum withdraw is 20 euro so I have neough funds to withdraw. However when I filled in the data correctly to withdraw to Neteller, the "confirm" button did not work. The costumer support is not taking me serious at all and they don't show any effort on live chat to help me out. I deposited via Neteller and they even asked me to withdraw to another method. Firstly I don't want this, I deposited via Neteller and want my money back via Neteller. And secondly, I even tried to withdraw to bank, but again, the confirm button didn't work. When I clicked it, nothing would happen.

posted on March 25, 2016.

Dear @fb_203102793392258,

Any update regarding your complaint? Thank you.

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