Paddy Power Casino - Withdrawals not processed without any explanation or notification

tralowi75 United Kingdom
posted on April 3, 2015.

Ihave had an account with paddy power for about 3yrs nearly, and have had disaster after disaster with winning anything broke even at best on two occasions , but as i and all gamblers know thats how it goes sometimes? But last night i actually ended up making a resonable little win , the first time since joining , i won about in all £700.00 in all but still deposited /£280.00 in order to acheive i withdrew the funds successfully and went to bed knowing that my winnings would be in my moneybookers account in normally 2-3hrs and worst ways company policie at paddypower casino 4and a half hours maximum! But they didnt process the withdrawals neither ofcthem and since are still giving me the run around 24hrs later. its absolute maddness i have deposited over £7000. pounds last year alone and won roughly £670.00 major dissaapointment over an over again. Such is life, never complained for long but to finally win a lousy £700.00 and have them do this is just astonishing, with no explanation at all and no suggestion of any wrong doing either ,??? I dont play with bonuses as a rule, and still this nonsense what should i do?

posted on April 8, 2015.

Dear @tralowi75,
Any update considering your complaint? Thank you.