Euro Play Casino - Still waiting for my withdrawals after 13 weeks??

posted on May 21, 2014.

ewery week i was told you get your money???yes yes its been now 13 weeks almost and no withdrawals in my bank clips i take from my chat-me: ???

Tomas: Hi

Tomas: How may I help you please ?

me: hi tomas its me antti

Tomas: Yes Antti

Tomas: How are you ?

Tomas: I watched your video

Tomas: it was good actually

me: last time when you cancel the withdrawal of 400e and added to my account do you remember?

me: thanks =)

Tomas: Yes

me: well that 400e was winned without bonus.i started to play and i win 2000e but i cant make withdrawal?can you check my account?

me: and the 800e is waitin too

Tomas: You can Cash-out 400€ only

me: no?you said play or withdrawal.the amoiun t of 400e was real money there was no bonus.

me: so i olay with that 400 and i win more

Tomas: I said just you have to cancel one Transaction

Tomas: which you did I guess

Tomas: but I didn't say you can Cash-out with

me: no you canceled to my account that 400e

Tomas: Your Cash-out of 400€ was already requested

me: yes but you canceled to my account?

me: and the 800e withdrawal is waiting still

Tomas: Sorry

Tomas: You can not Cash-out with that

Tomas: I cancelled because it was creating to process the withdrawal

Tomas: and you can Cash-out once it's already processed

me: but the 400e was real money and there was no bonus when i did withdrawal.i make deposit of 50e then and i win 400e and make withdrawal check it from my account history?i play with that 400e and win more so there is no proplem with bonuses or nothing so i can make withdrawal to that amount that is in my account now

Tomas: But ...

Tomas: Your withdrawal of 400€ already requested on Cashier and system has already sent that Amount to our finance team

me: when the 800e withdrawal is done?after that i can do withdrawal of 2000e which is in my account?

Tomas: You can Cash-out more than it however you win

Tomas: Well, no way it can be possible

me: but the withdrawal of 800e is the withdrawal its waiting

me: 400e is that withdrawal you cancelled and i started to play with that and i win

Tomas: Yes please read above

Tomas: I cancelled as per our accounting team directed me to do

me: but tomas the 800e withdrawal is now been waiting 9 weeks and last week we talk you cancelled the 400e withdrawal and i started to play with that and i win

Tomas: Remember you didn't able to cancel because system already accepted the Amount and now you can not exceed the Cash-out Amount which was requested earlier

Tomas: and also

me: yes but if you canceled my 400e withdrawal and i start to play with that and win i should get my winnings there was no bonuses at my account

Tomas: I did so that Accounting team can process the withdrawal of 800€

Tomas: You can not Cash-out like that

me: but the 2000e in my account now ?

me: when the 800e will be payed?

Tomas: We are planning to complete it on next week

me: why not this week?

me: tomas i have waiting too long

me: i want to withdrawal that 2000e too taht i win with that cancelled 400e?

Tomas: Well

Tomas: I explain it you already

Tomas: You can not

Tomas: If you keep doing that your withdrawal of 800€ will be declined by the Accounting team Automatically

me: but tomas you said me when you cancel that withdrawal that i can play with that and try to win more?and with that 400e there was no bonus money that i can make withdrawal like 10xdeposit

Tomas: I didn't say anything I just said you have to cancel one withdrawal in a order to complete the one withdrawal request

me: you canceled i was not able to do that because it was waitin ?

me: if i make deposit of 50e and take no bonus.i win 400 make withdrawal and then i canceled and win more.i should get my winnings then?

Tomas: You can not Cash-out by reversing a withdrawal

me: but its not payed

Tomas: So ?

Tomas: Have you ever reversed and played to win more ?

me: yes but usually i lose them but this time i win

me: hello

Patrik: hi

me: is my withdrawal done? check my account?h1r84940502

Patrik: Let me check please

me: ?

Patrik: hi

me: did you check

me: ??????????

Patrik: hi

me: did you check withdrawal?????

me: ower 10 weekas i hawe wait my money

me: ??????

me: h1r84040502

Patrik: Let me check please

Patrik: just a moment

me: ok

me: ?

Patrik: Hi

me: patrick my withdrawal? did you check it????

me: tomas said that i will get it this week?and this is the last day to pay the withdrawal.unless it will not be in my account at this week

me: 12 weeks late not 10

me: ??????

posted on May 27, 2014.

This case has been reopened upon player's request.

posted on July 16, 2014.

We got an email from @capri1984 that this compliant is resolved. Thank you for your feedback.