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Withdrawal request from Golden Cherry Casino

posted on July 22, 2014.

i have over $20,000.00 in winnings at golden cherry. i submitted my first withdrawal request on 3/16 done in five individual $500.00 requests, as i was instructed to do by the customer support agent and per the written guidelines. i was told i would have my wire transfer within 9-10 days which would have been 3/29. because we can't call finance directly, i called customer support yesterday checking status. i was told one check in the amount of $500.00 was cut on 3/26, which i have not received yet. i asked why only one check when i was expecting $2,500.00. i was told i would have to email finance. i did this and waited an entire day to have them respond with this general statement: "All withdrawals are paid in installments. Withdrawals and changes to payment instructions are subject to clearance by our Security Department. So after your first installment was sent out to you, you need to then make the request again for the remaining amount, which would then be processed by the Security Department." this does not tell me anything. to make matters worse, i am moving on the 31st. i was under the impression a wire transfer was going to be done. so why is a check now being cut. i started playing at golden cherry because they were given high marks for their casino in all regards but i do not feel that is the case. bottom line, i want my money can you help me?

posted on March 30, 2012.

hi jhalsup,

we're checking your complaint, will send you a reply as son as possible.



posted on March 31, 2012.

i eagerly await your reply, as well as my winnings.......can you send a phone number for the finance department?


posted on April 2, 2012.

hi jhalsup,

i received a reply from the finance dep, money was sent to you last week by check.

The tracking number is: 526933304747. According to the Fedex website it was delivered on March 29th.

please confirm

unfortunately i don't have the Finance dep phone since we are not a part of Golden cherry , we are the marketing company for this casino



posted on April 6, 2012.

 jhalsup, please update us when you receive your withdrawal!

posted on April 7, 2012.

sorry for the delay in responding......i just relocated from california to colorado. i did receive one check for $500.00 - however, i requested five each $500 withdrawals. why did i only receive one? i have since requested more, and still have not received any additional monies. i find it extremely hard to understand why we the gamblers are forced to abide by strict rules yet the casino's seem to be able to do whatever they want. is there anything i can do to collect all of my winnings without having to go through all this bullshit? lastly, how come we can't contact the finance department directly? what's up with that?

posted on April 7, 2012.

Hi jhalsup,

thank you for you reply, i will check your claim and get back to you ASAP.



posted on April 9, 2012.

i requested five each $500 withdrawal requests two separate times. the first set was done on 3/16 and the last set was done last friday. i have been awaiting $5000, yet only $500 has been received and another $500 was supposedly issued today.

this morning i was told by livechat that the amount paid out weekly is based on player status which is an internal system used by the finance department. no one could provide me any details about player status nor could i find anything on the casino site.

this is totally absurd. again i ask why we the gamblers are held to such stringent rules yet the casxinos are free to do as they want. i am not asking for anything that i am not entitled to. i was told multiple times by live chat as well as read on the casino site that the maximum weekly payout is $2500. no where did it say a lesser amount.

i have repeatedly tried to get a phone number for finance without any luck.

i got angered by the responses i was getting from some fellow this morning on the casino livechat so i asked to speak to a manager. i ended up talking to maria. she was very patient and understanding and promised to reach out to finance for me, but could not guarantee anything. i wish to compliment maria as i am sure i was more than a bit difficult to deal with yet she was always professional and courteous.

i simply wish to receive my winnings in the manner i was led to believe it would happen - $2500 a week. furthermore, i think it is unfair and definately poor business practice to prohibit the players from speaking to finance. customer support can tell us minimal info, everything else is handled by finance. yet no one can actually talk to finance. please explain the reasoning for this.

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