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loldonkimo United Kingdom Message
Posted on August 10, 2017

I requested a withdrawal on 21st July 2017 for £689. It has not yet been processed.

Initially, I was requested to submit various pieces of identification, in order to verify my account, which I understand to be standard practice for gaming operators. I complied with repeated requests - promptly - and eventually I was informed that I had satisfactorily passed the verification.

On 26th July 2017 then, I received an email from docs@c­asi­noc­rui­se.com, timed 2.50pm. The email explicitly stated that my withdrawal request would be processed as soon as possible:

'I am pleased to inform you that your documents have been approved.

If you have any withdrawal, we will process it as soon as possible,

Feel free to contact us with any question you might have. Our Casino Hosts will be more than glad to assist.'

Suffice to say, I have received no notification of my withdrawal being processed subsequent to the above email.

Throughout this whole process, access to my account has been denied. No reason has been provided to me.

The response from the Casino is as follows:

'I have reviewed your account and can see that your withdrawal is still being reviewed by the relevant department. This is part of our anti money laundering and fraud procedures which is part of what makes us such a secure casino.'

It is now three weeks since my initial withdrawal request. There has been plenty of time for the casino to do standard checks Given the length of delay and the varying answers given to me by the casino, I am very concerned that they have no intention of processing my withdrawal.

I can provide copies of all emails, if required.

Posted on August 10, 2017

Hi Daniel,

I will look into this right away for you and review the case.

Many thanks!

Posted on August 15, 2017

AskGamblers Complaints Team have just extended the response time frame with another 96 hours hoping that Casino Cruise management will soon jump in with an update on this complaint.

loldonkimo United Kingdom Message
Posted on August 15, 2017

By way of update, I contacted Casino Cruise's complaints department yesterday, to ask for an update in their so-called investigation.

I was surprised to receive an immediate reply from their documentation verification department, requesting that I send a selfie of myself holding my ID.

I duly complied with the further ID request, for fear of them using that as yet another excuse to delay/withhold my withdrawal.

My surprise was due to the email Casino Cruise had previously sent me on 26th July 2017, from the very same documentation verification department, stating that I had satisfactorily passed the verification process. For corroboration, I did include this information in my initial complaint to askgamblers.com.

This latest development, combined with the continued lack of information and lack of response to this complaint, has further exacerbated my concern. Yet again, I have been given conflicting information from Casino Cruise.

Posted on August 17, 2017

Hi AskGamblers,
Our risk team found Mr. Bradley was in breach of our bonus terms and conditions due to engaging in collusive activity. Due to this we have confiscated his winnings and returned his deposit (minus a 10% administration fee). I can send you the evidence of this if you wish.
Many thanks.

loldonkimo United Kingdom Message
Posted on August 17, 2017

Subsequent to the above, I have logged in and withdrew the £198 that Casino Cruise have artificially reduced my account to. The remainder of my initial withdrawal (£491) continues to be due to me and from my perspective this complaint remains unresolved.

I absolutely deny any suggestion of collusive activity and since that allegation has been made by Casino Cruise about me, then they must show evidence of this.

I request that such evidence is now produced.