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FortuneJack Casino - 22,500 Euro withdrawal delayed, been given the run-a-round

Inactive user
Posted on 21 June 2017

I recently signed up and played at fortunejack and my total wins among many games was roughly 22.500 EUR. I went to withdraw the money and nothing came through so I contacted their live chat and told it would be 20-30 minutes. 40 minutes went by so I contacted live chat again and they told me "the fraud department is reviewing it" and it should be "within 24 hours". Of course 24 hours later my withdrawal was NOT sent so I once again contacted their live chat and was told "24-72 hours" this time. During the first 24 hours I decided to look into this casino a little more and found out that pretty much anyone who won a good amount of money went through the same thing, not sure why but for some reason they like to jerk people around who have won money there. As of right now I have not received my payment from fortunejack and continue to get the same b/s excuse when I try to contact them.

Inactive user
Posted on 23 June 2017

108 hours since I made the withdrawal and NOTHING from fortunejack. No responses to my email, no money sent to me, no response on here. Completely scammed.

Posted on 23 June 2017

Hello, WONTON22

My name is Natalie and I am the current community manager representative for FortuneJack Casino here on AskGamblers.

Kindly, accept our sincere apologies for the delay, we understand and take the responsibility, though, protection and safety of our users and their accounting records is our top priority.
Just to make it clear, your withdrawal got delayed, because of the amount of it, thus, our team has considered it essential to investigate further.
Despite, we want to inform you that your withdrawal has now been approved by our group of safety and fraud prevention team, but you need to resubmit your withdrawal request as the previous one got canceled, because it was lacking the payment ID information.
Make sure you have filled in all the needed fields while submitting the new request and this issue should be marked as resolved.

Yours in gaming and entertainment,
The Fortunejack Team

Inactive user
Posted on 23 June 2017

It is crazy how your "team" so quickly tries to resolve an issue once it is made public but before my post here on askgamblers I was given rude and run-a-round answers from your support. Or completely ignored. I also feel that my withdrawal was canceled on purpose in hopes that I would gamble more and you were right, I did gamble more and won more money. Unfortunately you are wrong about the payment ID. That is an optional feature with monero and is NOT required. Nonetheless, I have resubmitted the withdrawal and included a payment ID just for you. I am hoping I do not get another 5 day delay and run-a-round because I won more gambling on your site. This complaint will be marked as resolved when the payment has been sent to me and confirmed and not sooner, sorry.

Posted on 26 June 2017

We have personally contacted WONTON22, trying to resolve the complaint, but there have occurred some technical issues from our side, which we publicly apologize for.
WINTON22's withdrawal will be processed as soon as possible, but the issue still remains until we have a confirmation from BitGo interface by our Admin.
We genuinely hope that WONTON22 accepts our sincere apology.
Also want to thank them for their time, patience and understanding.

Best Regards,
FortuneJack Team

Inactive user
Posted on 26 June 2017

It is now day 8 or 9 since I tried to make my withdrawal and I feel as if I am still being fed bullshit. A representative from FortuneJack has been in contact with me and she has been what seems to be very helpful and she responds to me quickly but at the end of the day my withdrawal has STILL not been sent to me. There has been problem after problem after problem, something that should never occur.

When I made my withdrawal the cryptocurrency was worth, in total, was worth 67.200 EUR, or $75,100 USD. As of this minute, it is now valued at 50.116 EUR or $56,028 USD. For lack of better words, this is insane. I have lost 17.000 EUR because of their delays. FortuneJack is playing games it appears. I have been given every excuse imaginable since the beginning and I have yet to receive a penny of my money or my winnings.

I would HIGHLY advise anyone considering playing at FortuneJack to avoid it. Entire wars have been fought in under 8 days and it is taking them that long to press a few keys on a keyboard and send me my money? My winnings at the time I won were worth approximately 38.550 EUR but are now only worth 28.700 EUR. On top of that, my initial deposit was worth 28.600 EUR and is now only worth 21.400 EUR.

I have been very patient and understanding through this whole process. I have been very reasonable. Now I am just pissed. I am going to be posting on forums anywhere I can find and letting anyone that will listen know to stay away from FortuneJack unless they make this COMPLETELY right and do it soon.

Posted on 29 June 2017

Dear WONTON22 and AskGamblers Complaints Team,
Hope our message finds you well, we have a final, detailed answer on this complaint.

To start from the beginning, bettor WONTON22 has won 1,122.5 XMR through our BlackJack.
He has requested a withdrawal, which took some time because our group of safety and fraud prevention teams always investigate further through bigger amounts, this is well known and included in our T&C that we can hold the winnings for 8 weeks if it is needed for investigation.
While waiting for a withdrawal, as WONTON22 has already mentioned, he has "looked into the casino" and won more - 1,417.5 XMR. Congratulations.
After he has submitted a complaint on AskGamblers, "JUNE 20, 2017", we took our time, couple of days, to look through the case and replied to them on "JUNE 23, 2017" (as you can see on this same page), that the withdrawal was verbally approved by the mentioned safety teams and there was nothing suspicious with it in the end. Additionally, the only thing it needed was manual confirmation by our SysAdmin.
As previous withdrawal request was canceled lacking the payment ID (Bettor says through livechat, that is not necessary for Monero in general, but FYI, it is a must to fill in the payment ID on FortuneJack no matter what currency it is) we have asked them to re-submit the new request along with the payment ID to withdraw 1,417.5 XMR . See the attached screenshot from our admin tool showing both mentioned amounts.
There was a problem that day (23/06/2017) with how Monero operates (apparently, you need far more Monero funds on the account than bettor is withdrawing so the funds can leave the system (bettor was informed about this). We were not ready for this)) and unfortunately, the withdrawal did not go through even after WONTON22 provided us with the requested payment ID. This could have been fixed easily within next couple of days, but:
Because WONTON22 wanted their withdrawal to be quick, we have offered them to convert his funds in BTC, we have asked them if it was fine with him so there were no further complications and he has agreed, providing their Walled address for withdrawing their winnings in BTC. See the attached screenshot from our livechat system showing the whole deal along with their Wallet address (uncensored screenshots are marked as "Private").
To make it even quicker and make up with him about this delay, we have created a test user under our IP (which makes the process easier if it is under FortuneJack's office IP), transferred funds to it and sent 26.82133965 BTC to the Wallet address (through BitGo) WONTON22 has kindly provided to us via livechat earlier.
Though, there is a limit on BitGo, if the amount is more than 20 BTC, it will request the manual confirmation from the BitGo interface, which was done THE NEXT DAY (24/06/2016). See the Blockchain screenshot attached with date (24/06/2017), mentioned wallet address (17f91­jw9­GZg­Uaz­eRF­pmC­3fQ­UVS­9Uy­T****), winnings in BTC (26.82133965) and another transaction (on 25/06/2017) from one wallet address to another (1G5T8­3jU­hWA­ghr­bV5­3Fq­F7N­fCe­dgE­C****). Again, uncensored screenshots are marked as "Private" for AskGamblers Complains Team.
W want to stress out, that WONTON22 withdrew their funds on 24th and never complained that they have lost anything because of a delay, until 26 Jun, here on AskGamblers.
What we did not notice at first, for some reason, was that the withdrawal got confirmed on 24/06/2017, so we kept apologizing for a delay. Since then, recently, we did check on it further and saw the actual confirmation date.
Turns out, that bettor WONTON22 has decided to be dishonest with our team and tried to get a profit of off this misunderstanding and our good will. Two private screenshots are uploaded showing the e-mail conversation with WONTON22 asking them what was happening, why he kept claiming that he did not receive the funds when it showed up as confirmed on Blockchain, 24/06/2017. (Overall this withdrawal took 5 days including the investigation and manual confirmations, not 8-9 as WONTON22 mentioned in this same complaint).
He stated that it was not their wallet address, that we have edited out the conversation and made an illegal conversion, which is not true and can easily be check on by AskGamblers Complaints Team.
New address they have mentioned in the e-mail conversation (1AKPr­3Gu­kMi­JvE­TvH­fJ2­oQs­Yjh­SV8­C****) was never sent to us, second screenshot shows the search result for it, there are no result anywhere in our archives.
WONTON22 also wrote, that he has lost money because of a delay from our side, which is also a lie. We have checked on the mentioned cryptocurrencies and how they have changed from 18 JUN to 24 JUN dates and he has not lost a penny as shown on previous Blockchain screenshot ( they have withdrawn 26.82133965 BTC), worth can be seen/confirmed through https:­//p­olo­nie­x.c­om/­exc­han­ge#­btc_xmr too.
He was still trying to get us to deposit 12 BTC back to his FJ account so he could "play some more and withdraw remaining BTC as planned". Quote.
Besides, first screenshot from left shows their last response through e-mail conversation. Do you think that it is the response someone would give if they had just lost "$75k" (Quote) ?

Thank you for your time and attention, have a nice day ahead.

FortuneJack Team

Posted on 03 July 2017

Considering the information and screenshots provided on behalf the FortuneJack Casino management it is now obvious that player actually did  receive the payment in question.

And since AskGamblers Casino Complaints Service is designed and meant to help honest players with real troubles, it is now obvious this is not the case with this particular issue. 

AskGamblers Complaints Team maintains zero tolerance towards players trying to conduct any kind of fraudulent activities or / and to abuse our complaints service and not using it in a good faith, therefore we took the decision to ban the player from using our services in the future.

Based on all the above the case is resolved in casino's favor and now it is officially closed.


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