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WinPalace Casino - Not paying and setting my account for 90 biz day review for no given reason!

Posted on 18 February 2015

I deposited $200 and received a deposit bonus, which i played off and won on, allowing me to submit to withdraw $1300 on 12/19/14, on 1/1/15 i called, and they said it would be approved very soon.

Next I get the following email:


I would like to inform you that as per our decision as Finance Department your last withdrawal request was denied and the requested funds were reimbursed to your playable balance as we are reviewing your account.

This process might take up to 90 business days.

As soon as we have any updates regarding your account we will inform you via email.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.


Adrianna Van De Kamp
Finance Department

NO Explanation, no money, obviously just a site scamming people for money. DO NOT PLAY THERE, they do not pay!

Posted on 06 January 2015

I tried using chat to get somewhere with these people, epic fail...

Roy: Welcome to WinPalace! This is Roy. Can you please provide me with your User Name and how may I assist you?

TheMagnus: hello Roy, i have submitted a withdrawl request several times, was told it was approved and would be paid, and then received an email that they are doing a 90 business day review.

TheMagnus: I have posted a complaint on, and have sent 2 emails with no resonse

Roy: Hello

Roy: May I have your Username?

TheMagnus: response

TheMagnus: TheMagnus

TheMagnus: Here is a link to my complaint: http:/­/ww­w.a­skg­amb­ler­s.c­om/­cas­ino­-co­mpl­ain­ts/­win­pal­ace­-do­es-­not­-pa­y-9­0-b­iz-­day­-re­vie­w-f­or-­no-­giv­en-­reason

TheMagnus: I like your casino, and want to keep playing with you, and I don't want you to have negative review on, but your company needs to pay my winnings

Roy: Just a moment please.

Roy: I will transfer you to the manager

Please wait while I transfer the chat to 'Manager1'.

You are now chatting with 'Manager1'

Manager1: Hello Gregory

Manager1: this is Jodie

Manager1: how are you?

TheMagnus: i am well, thank you

Manager1: Let me check your account

TheMagnus: thanks

Manager1: Gregory, indeed, your withdrawal request was denied because right now we are going through system upgrade of withdrawal procedure. Though I would like to emphasize that we are doing everything possible to make the whole process way faster.

Manager1: Please confirm your email address so we can get in touch with as soon as we get an update regarding your account

TheMagnus: how long is this going to take???

TheMagnus: Your site clearly states it pays within 10 business days, so you are violating the terms of service

TheMagnus: you realize all of these complaints you are getting on is going to result in your casino being blacklisted?

Manager1: approximate time frames were mentioned in the email you received, though it could happen faster.

TheMagnus: 90 business days is a joke

TheMagnus: nothing in this world takes that long

Manager1: I will notify the higher management about this conversation

TheMagnus: i suppose i will have to file more complaints online, including the attorney general's office here in the USA

Manager1: NAME REMOVED, you've submitted a complain on already, thank you for notifying us about it. I will inform the higher management about the case

TheMagnus: I played within your rules, deposited my money, and all I am asking is to be paid in the timeframe that your Terms of Service indicate

TheMagnus: also, there is no need for a "90 business day review" as we both know there is nothign to review

TheMagnus: I have also printed and copied this chat conversation as you are yet to give me one REAL reason as to why I am not being paid.

Posted on 09 January 2015


We're sorry for the inconveniences but at this time the issue is still ongoing, however, we're doing the best we can to speed up the process.
Numerous requests have already been sent but as for now we're waiting for the answer.
We will get in touch with you immediately as they're any updates.


Posted on 13 January 2015

What issue is ongoing? Speed up what process?
Waiting for an answer to what?

Your response says nothing.

Posted on 17 January 2015

Any news?

Posted on 20 January 2015

Hello Gregory,

So far we are working on the issue described higher, and I assure you that everything will be solved shortly!
Our management will overview the procedures of the withdrawals in the nearest time, so, please, give me a couple of days to collect this info and I'll get back to you with the news.

Best regards,
Alex VIP Host

Posted on 24 January 2015


Posted on 25 January 2015

Hi Gregory!
Please, accept my apologies for this delay! Please, log in your account and place a withdrawal request in the Cashier. I will make sure to make the security check on your acount over and process your withdrawal request asap!

Again, accept my apologies!

VIP Host
Susan Madison

Posted on 25 January 2015

Hello Susan,

Thank you. I have submitted my Withdrawal Request. Please advise as to when I can expect the $1301 USD to be transferred to my account?


Posted on 25 January 2015

Thank you, Gregory!
You will be notified via e-mail once it is approved and sent to your bank account.

Best regards,
VIP Host

Posted on 29 January 2015

Did you receive an email from a casino about your withdrawal?

Posted on 29 January 2015

I did not receive any email, and I have not received any money. They continue to stall and offer no time table for my payment

Posted on 30 January 2015

Dear Gregory,
Please note that it takes some time to process the withdrawal request and wire it.
Our relevant department will email you once it is approved, regularly takes not more then 10 business days from the point you requested it!

Best regards,
Alex VIP Host

Posted on 02 February 2015

Any update?

Posted on 04 February 2015

Hi gregory.little.925,

I received a notification from our finance department about your payment. Will be done in the next 72hs working hours.

Please update this complaint once you received your payment so we can set this dispute as solved.

Apologize for the delay gregory.little.925.

Have an amazing day!


Posted on 06 February 2015


It has been 4 days and no payment. What happened to 72 hours?

Posted on 07 February 2015


As I can see your withdrawal request was approved and money was wired to your bank account.
Please, note that it was approved within 2 days after Clara's message.

Best regards,

Posted on 07 February 2015

I have not received any funds in my bank account, nor did i receive any email regarding so.

Posted on 07 February 2015

Dear Gregory,

Please, note that after withdrawal is approved it still takes some time for the money to arrive to your bank account (mostly depends on your bank). From our side your winnings have been already sent and you will receive them on your bank account shortly.


Posted on 08 February 2015

Hi Gregory,

please allow up to 10 business days to receive the payment.
Update us once you received the funds so we can set the complaint as solved.



Posted on 12 February 2015

We are waiting for player to confirm that he received his payment.

Posted on 15 February 2015


I wouldn't like to have this complaint closed without player's confirmation.


Posted on 17 February 2015

I did receive payment! You may close this. Thanks for all your help.

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