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777 Casino - Winnings confiscated without any reason explained

Complaint Info
Disputed casino 777 Casino
Reason Bonus abuse
Amount £ 2426
snaggle26 United Kingdom Message
Posted on June 15, 2016

I took part in 777Casino welcome offer on the 31st of May this year. It was the £21 and £200 free play offer. From this I ended up with around £156 which was to be wagered 30x. I completed the wagering the same day and ended up with £1899. I then played some other games after my wagering was complete and finished with £2624 in my account. The next day I went to withdraw some money and my account was locked. They asked for notarized documents, as per there T and C's. I got these done and then sent them in. They then sent back and email stating that I had abused the bonus and has employed ''specific wagering techniques''. To this day I do not know what they mean by this and have emailed them back asking for evidence of this, only to be met with a wall of silence. I have not heard any thing back from them. They have released my deposit which I have yet to revive buy they have kept the other £2426. I am at a loss as to why and am upset that they have come to this conclusion as they are basiclly calling me a cheat, which also upsets me as I played the bonus in good faith. I Have only ever had 1 account from 1 computer and my home address. I has upset me greatly as I had won the money fair and square and to me, all though not life changing, it was a nice pot of money I have won. I have asked for the complaints procedure and they will not give me information as to how to do this, and so i am now lost and do not know which way to turn, with the cheat label hanging over my head. I had seen the avert for the welcome offer on TV on BT Sport ( I think) and that is when I decided to do the offer. I have never ever worked part of a group which they are also implying, I took part in an offer fair and square and deposited my money in good faith and luckily for me I won and came out on top onloy for it all to be taken away. Please could you help as i do not know what to do or who to ask. My username for the account was ''lukegreenwoo'' and my date of birth is 31.5.77. many thanks

Posted on June 18, 2016

Dear @snaggle26,

Please let us know if there's some update on your issue.

snaggle26 United Kingdom Message
Posted on June 19, 2016

Please see latest response from 777. It basically fobs me off and states that their decision still stands and my account remains restricted. I am gutted and it has really upset me this whole sorry saga. I see no positive conclusion to the matter, and do not know what avenue to turn down next. They will not offer any explanation as to what I have done wrong in terms of evidence. I am gutted really gutted and this had put me off playing on slots now.

Posted on June 21, 2016

Unfortunately we are unable assist you with this bonus issue, as it pertains to an individual account, the actions of which we cannot discuss in public. If you feel these actions are unfair please reply to the emails sent to you by our Operations Team. Thanks

snaggle26 United Kingdom Message
Posted on June 21, 2016

I have replied on numerous occasions to your emails but you reply do not give me a satisfactory answer. I have again replied asking for your complaints procedure but you will not give it me. There is no reasoning with you, all you say is your decision still stands and thats final, with no justification on the matter.

Posted on June 22, 2016

Hi snaggle26. If you feel that the actions taken on your account have been unfair, you can raise any complaints by replying to the emails sent to you by our Operations Team. If you wish to escalate this matter, the details that you require for our alternative dispute resolution company are detailed on our home page, and also in our 'complaints procedure' in the sites Terms and Conditions. Thanks

snaggle26 United Kingdom Message
Posted on June 22, 2016

As I have previously stated you do not give me any satisfactory answers in your emails such as WHY I have abused the bonus. If you can give vme evidence that I have done something wrong then I will hold my hands up and say sorry. I would then also know for future reference not to do tghese thing in other casinos. I have played bonuses exactly the same way on every other occasion without ONCE being questioned. So I have replied to you emails, and all I am being told is that the desicion still stands. All I want to know is what I was doing wrong and evidence of it.

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