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Winner Casino took away funds from my balance without any notice

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Winner Casino
Reason Bonus terms violation
Amount € 250
Posted on July 23, 2015

I am quite frustrated with the guys at Winner.com due to their business style which is unprofessional and very scummy.

They took away nearly 400 EUR from my balance without notice.

I will try to sum up things so you can get the right point:

- I got a no deposit bonus of 30 EUR at winner casino site. Of course there are wagering requirements. You have to wager at least 1,500 EUR and the maximum amount of winnings to be withdrawn is 200 EUR (the bonus amount itself is not redeemable as you said). I played with it and met all the requirements. Online support confirmed this and requested me to make a deposit of 50 EUR to claim the winning of 200 EUR. After that I would have 250 EUR to withdraw

- After I deposited, online support told me to withdraw 250 EUR. But I didn't want to withdraw and asked him that if I could transfer my 250 EUR to poker balance to play. He confirmed it was ok.

- So at this point, you can see that the casino bonus had been cleared and closed. 250 EUR is mine and I can do anything with it, right?

- Then I used my 250 EUR to play poker and bet tennis. I managed to win and my bankroll grew to over 600 EUR.

- Today Winner took away nearly 400 EUR from my balance without any notice. Just 250 EUR left.

Additionally, they also made something on my poker account before so that I always got stuck at loading balance when I log in. I think you understand why they did this. They want me to play with their casino and betting only so there is great chance I would lose all.

At first, I think I will stick with them but now I have changed my mind since they can not be trusted obviously. I just submitted a withdrawal request of 250 EUR and I feel tons of difficulties and barriers to come. Let's see.

Posted on May 23, 2014

Updates regarding status of my withdrawal request:

1 day after submitting a withdrawal request, I received a document request from winner. They asked for a copy of my ID, a proof of my address, and a proof of ownership of my Skrill account. I have played on various online gaming sites and I know this is standard in the industry. So I grabbed all requested documents and replied to Winner just some hours later.

After 24 hours, today I logged on to my winner account and saw my withdrawal still staying at "waiting". I chatted with online support and was informed that they were still waiting for my documents. It was strange as I'd already sent them. After some chat, I was told the reason why I didn't receive my docs was I replied to the email address where their request email came from. I shouldn't have done so, but have to send docs to a separate email address. If it is the case, they should have specified it in their request email? Anyways, I have re-sent them all docs they want.

From this, we can see they either are unprofessional or intended to delay withdrawal.

Posted on May 26, 2014

Dear phuong8x,

We would like to congratulate you on the winnings you managed to accumulate. We are glad that your stay with us has been profitable.

We have checked your account and we would like to give you more information regarding your case.

Based on the activity in your account we can see that you did accept our Free Sign Up Bonus and you managed to accumulate certain amount of winnings. After that we can see that you have deposited successfully. According to the terms of the Sign Up Bonus the maximum amount of funds you can withdraw is 200 EUR from the winnings you have made with that bonus.

We can see that at the time you deposited your balance has exceeded the amount of 250 EUR which also included the deposit you made. Since you have kept on playing prior to the adjustment of your balance, we had to make remove the funds which exceed the maximum amount that is allowed.

We would like to inform you that we can see that you started moving funds prior to having your balance adjusted to the amount of 250 EUR. We can see that there were several contacts with our Customer Service Team where you asked what amount and when you can withdraw. Since you had already been informed that the maximum amount you can withdraw is 200EUR and that the bonus itself cannot be redeemed, we consider that you were aware of the terms of that specific promotion. It seems that you made a fund transfer when you still had amount in your balance which exceeded the maximum that we allow for this bonus.

That is why when we reviewed your account we had to apply the conditions of the promotion that the funds which were exceeding the allowed amount were removed.

We would like to inform you that you are eligible to withdraw the winnings of 200 EUR and your deposit of 50 EUR in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. Please note that certain documentation is required for verification purposes.

We will keep you updated on the status of your withdrawal request via email.

Thank you for your time and co-operation.

Winner Casino

Posted on May 26, 2014

I submitted a withdrawal request and now it has been 5 days. The request is still in "waiting" label. All requested docs sent last week also. All these just lead me feel that it is easy and instant to deposit and just goes in contrast way for withdrawals.

Posted on May 27, 2014


Neither payment nor update received, and it's been almost 1 week by today. As I already predicted, they are just trying not to pay me, even steal my deposit. When I chatted with online support some mins ago, they just asked for another set of documents again, like many cases I have read here, on AskGamblers. Although all my docs I sent are clear and have nothing wrong with them, Winner keeps wanting more docs. I found out this is a typical thing they do to delay withdrawals reading others' complaints.

I can't trust these guys now, and I can confirm that I will not send in more documents (in fact I sent sufficient ones) as I do not want to send my personal docs again and again to untrusted companies.

I request Winner to give me my withdrawal or just refund my deposits.

Posted on May 27, 2014

Dear phuong8x,

Please allow us to give you more details about the withdrawal process at Winner. Each withdrawal request undergoes standard verification check which is supposed to show if all required conditions to process the transaction are met. In case there is anything else needed to be done either or our or on customer’s side, the check might take a bit longer than usual. We do need to review the documents that we receive and be certain of their validity. We take the safety of our customers seriously and we take all needed measures to assure that all transactions and customers’ details are accurate and confirmed. In case we are unable to verify the documents provided we would not be able to move forward with the completion of your payment.

Based on the recent communication with you and the options you listed as an agreeable resolution of your case, we will consider all possibilities. We will get in touch with you to discuss the options we can offer and we hope that we can bring your concern to a conclusion.

We will keep you notified about any updates regarding your case via email.

Thank you for your time and understanding.

Winner Casino

Posted on May 27, 2014

The guys at Winner.com can't be trusted. They just want you to lose. In case you win, they will do their best creating all kinds of difficulties to not pay out. They asked me for tons of documents. Ok, I sent in all. Then they told me they were not satisfied with those docs and that they couldn't verify them, and asked for other docs bla bla bla. Please note that those documents are which I sent to other leading sites such as PokerStars and they had no problem with them.

As I also work in affiliate marketing, I know this is just typical thing a based scam-scheme operators do to minimize the funds to be cashed out.

Finally, I couldn't stand anymore and must threaten them to refund my initial deposit. And I bet they were quite happy hearing that. In fact, that's exactly what they wanted: not having to pay out winning when customers win.

It's ridiculous that they just refunded me and then considered that the case has been resolved.

I will still publish an article on my website about this and I know for sure they will lose much more than what they earned in this specific case!

Posted on May 29, 2014

Dear phuong8x,

We would like to inform you that we have reviewed your case in details and we have already made certain exception to facilitate the process of checking your withdrawal request. However, when it comes to the verification of personal details and the documents that we receive we are quite strict as we believe that the safety our customers come first. Confirming the authenticity of the documents is one of the most important checks that we make and in the rare cases where we are unable to verify the files that have been sent, we do ask for additional documents.

Each company has the right to choose their own security processes and many times there is a difference in the way certain procedures are applied. We are happy to state that Winner.com is one of the safest websites in the business exactly because of our efforts dedicated in that area.

As mentioned before we do state clearly our terms – everything that our customers need to know about the security processes at Winner as well as the documentation that we require is published on our website. Every client can access that information at any time. We consider that our existing customers are aware of these terms and we are happy to give more clarifications if needed.

We also do appreciate the feedback of our clients and in the unlikely event that someone does not fully agree nor would like to follow our Terms then we do our best to reach an agreeable solution of the concern for both parties. We take into account the communication and requests of our customers and we try as much as possible to grant them.

In your specific case we have reviewed the recent correspondences and we have opted for one of the solutions that you have proposed yourself. We would like to inform you that your deposit has been sent back to the payment method you had used initially and you will be getting your funds shortly.

We were not able to fully validate the documents you sent and therefore we were not able to process any transactions including any winnings. Since getting your deposit back was one of the options you enquired about, we think that we have managed to resolve your concern to certain extent.

We do apologize for any inconvenience caused, however we feel that we have been transparent to our clients when it comes to the security requirements that we have. We are willing to keep our place as a reputable company in the business and as such we will keep the high level of security for all existing and future customers.

Thank you for the time and co-operation throughout the handling of your case.

Best regards,
Winner Casino

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