Winner Casino Withdrawal Problem

posted on September 26, 2013.


I recently won 24k online using winner casino. They had paid me out before for wins around 1k with no problems.

I then received the below requests: (NEVER MENTIONS ANYTHING ABOUT POSTING)

We are still awaiting for your copy of the following documents:

- A notarized copy of your identification document

- Proof of address

- Front and back copy of your card ending in ****

- Signed Deposit Confirmation Form

I sent all this back then they requested a notarised copy of my id (signed by a lawyer) & to be posted to P.O. Box 2642 Makati Post Office,Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City. I wanted to send it via courier express 2 days but they wouldn't touch a PO address, I requested another address on live chat but they said they didn't have one.

I e-mailed a copy of my notarised ID and sent them to the PO Box address using royal mail and notified Winner I had sent them. A day later after chasing to see if they had received my e-mail they then told me there's another address.

Its been a week now since I withdraw, it was take another 6 days for them to receive my docs, I'm worried these will not get there and I'll have to re-send to the other address so could be weeks before I get my money.

I've had accounts will all the other major brands and have won big amounts with Betfred and have had no issues.

With large amounts of money involved I'm worried I won't get it.

posted on September 28, 2013.

Dear Nikrids,

We would like to congratulate on your winnings – we are glad to see that you had wonderful and profitable time in Winner Casino.

We have reviewed your account and we see that you had a few withdrawal requests which were in a state of processing according to out Terms of Use. Each withdrawal undergoes several verification checks including validation of the documents that you have sent. We are pleased to inform you that your withdrawals have already been approved on our end - you will only need to allow some time for delivery of the funds to the payment option that you have chosen. The status of your transactions has also been updated in your casino account. Please let us know should you need any assistance - we will be more than happy to help.

We hope that you will keep on having great time with us and keep your winning streak going.


Winner Casino