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Winner Casino - Unable to make withdrawal

Bajko Croatia
Posted on December 16, 2018

I have made my first deposit of 2500 Eur on 29. October and played a little bit of poker that day. I needed my money and I have made withdraw request on 30. October which was declined. I have received an email that I did not wager enough of my deposited funds in order to make a withdraw. After that, I was contacted by their representative which asked a lot of question and asked me to send them my paychecks from the bank for the last 3 months which I did: I have also verified my account before that. After that, they have sent me an email that my account is verified and that I need to rollover my deposit in order to make a withdrawal but rollover must be done in casino section and they have told me that I cannot play poker on their site anymore and they have blocked poker games for me. I thought I will try to lose as less as I can and decided to play roulette. I have played 67 roulette games where I covered every single number on roulette and I was losing 1Eur per round. I made rollover of 2500 euros and thought I can make a withdraw now but my withdrawal request was declined again with the explanation that only slots have 100% wager percentage contribution and roulette has only 25%. I tried to make a withdraw in the amount of only 20Eur but was declined again. I have sent them a few emails but they were not responding and they blocked live chat for me. I have called them and tried to get an explanation for all of that but they are just telling me that this is their decision and that I have to play some casino games in order to make a withdraw. My only purpose of depositing there was for playing poker and I do not feel comfortable to play casino games which they are forcing me to play. Basically, they are forcing me to lose my money on purpose. I have called them today again and asked from them to allow me to play poker and that I will play as much as they want because I know how to do it but they said because of security reasons poker will continue to be blocked for me. After that I have asked from them to close my account and if they want they can take some fee on my funds but they have said that it can not be done before I rollover my deposited amount in casino section. This is written in their terms and conditions:

"Closing your Account

53. If you wish to close your Account, please contact Customer Services (our contact details can be found here). You can do so at any time, provided that your Account is not expected to become in debit/deficit pursuant to any liabilities incurred through your gaming activities. On closing your Account, we will return the balance to you in accordance with the provisions of the "Deposits and withdrawals" section above."

I do not want to lose more of my money, I have already lost 67 Eur on purpose thinking I will be able to make a withdraw but now they are forcing me to play other games. Please help me with this, I am open to playing poker on their site to make needed rollover or for paying the fee for withdrawing the money.

Thank you

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