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Winner Casino - Refusing to Accept POA Document

genovesa98 United Kingdom
Posted on January 24, 2019

Winner Casino have provided me with the worse customer service I have ever known, I won a small amount of £1888 in the casino wallet, and they asked for some documents to verify my account. I sent them all different type of documents, however they come back to me and told me that my bank statement was out of date. This was fair enough so I sent them a printed bank statement of my Coop Bank, which again they did not accept because it was printed. This was rather frustrating, but I wanted my withdrawal so I phoned up coop bank and asked them to change my paperless setting to send statements through the post, so I could get an official bank statement.

After 2 week I eventually got a official bank statement from coop through the post, which is perfectly valid and within date. I can even email this to you (ASK GAMBLERS) to show how official it is. However when I send it to winner, they are now saying the statement I have sent is the wrong type, and when I ask them what is a wrong type they just say they cannot explain futher.

Sorry but Coop bank is the only bank I am with and I live with my parents so dont have any other utility bill so I want Winner Casino, to stop using delaying tactics and just accept my document and ultimately pay me my winnings! The Statement even shows the deposit made to winner casino, and they are still refusing it, its awful and they should be ashamed.

Please verify and pay me my winnings Winner Casino

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