Winner Casino not paying out

posted on September 10, 2012.

I have been a loyal customer of Winner Casino for a long time now, and have enjoyed many hours of game time and very healthy loyalty bonuses and deposit bonuses. Until recently i would have recommended the casino to anyone who would care to listen, however my opinion has recently changed.

I recently won approx $45000 and withdrew using a method i have used in the past, which is Express Cheque. Three days later i was informed that this method could not be used because i had used a Po Box. Again i have used this method before with the same address. I then used credit card and was told by my not so helpful "VIP Manager" that i could now only withdraw $10800, because that was 3 times my monthly deposits, however if my withdrawal had been handled correctly in the first place it could have been $21000. In the past, under a different Account manager, they have waved the maximum withdrawal for me, which was very helpful, and much appreciated. This time around though, every move i make i am met with another term and condition which is causing ever increasing frustration. It has been 11 days since i first made a withdrawal, and i still have not recieved one cent.

I cannot see how this benifits your casino in the slightest apart from a couple of dollars in interest you will earn by holding my money a bit longer. I promise you that I will not make another deposit with your casino until i have recieved my money in full, so noone wins. Winner Casino gets no more money from me, and i don't get to play at a Casino i have come to like. Very disapointing.

If what my account manager says is correct, i will have to make five withdrawals over a five month period to recieve my money. Winner Casino is more than happy to take my money with no deposit limits, but as soon as you want to withdraw, thats when the problems start. Five months to withdraw $45000, what would happen if i won a Jackpot?

posted on September 14, 2012.

Dear Christopher,

Please let us assure you that at Winner Casino all the customers who have gained any winnings can withdraw their funds according to the established procedures and processes. Please be informed that the amount that can be taken out for a month is AUD 10 000 or up to three times the amount of the Player’s deposits in a period of 30 days before the date of the withdrawal processing day. Regarding your specific case we would like to let you know that we have a strict security procedure according to which we cannot process any withdrawals via cheque to a registered PO box address. In order to comply with our security measures your initial request was declined.

Nevertheless, we always aim to provide the best service and experience at Winner Casino and a decision was made to reconsider your initial withdrawal request which has now been processed.

We hope that you will have great time at Winner and you will enjoy winning!


Winner Casino

posted on September 18, 2012.

 Is this issue sorted out?

posted on September 18, 2012.

They have paid the initial withdrawal of $21800, however after two emails from me asking about the reamining amount of approx $23000, i have not recieved any correspondence. I would like to leave the issue open until i have been paid in full because i believe 5 months to complete a withdrawal is excessive. I would also like an explanation as to how this benifits anyone concerned.

posted on April 5, 2013.

 Winner Casino decided to try to solve their closed complaints, so this one is reopen! Is this issue resolved meanwhile?

posted on April 9, 2013.

 Chris, please reply to this complaint, otherwise it can be considered solved!

posted on May 21, 2013.

 This complaint can be considered solved!