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Winner Casino - No Payout!

posted on September 20, 2013.

I recently joined and won a measley £45 with this mob of jokers. Upon withdrawing my winnings I waited a week and then received only £5 of my £45 and I'm yet to receive the rest. I e-mailed their customer services numerous times in an attempt to resolve it and they are still yet to respond 48 hours and counting.... So I decided to call them at considerable cost to myself (as I'm calling off a mobile) I ended up with what can only be described as an illiterate Phillipino lady who speaks perfect English but apparently can't understand it as it took me an age just to get her to spell my name 'Lee' by the way correctly. She eventually found my account details and suggested that it was my banks fault for holding the funds and that they've been paid already so... I called the bank and as expected they said that it was tosh and they wouldn't do that it's not normal practice. So I called winner casino back and to my utter disdain I got the same lady. I told her what the bank said and she said 'oh... Ok.... I'll get right on it, bye.' And put the phone down. I don't anticipate receiving my winnings any time soon and neither should anyone else that gambles with these utter jokers.

posted on September 21, 2013.

Dear Biff833,

We have checked your account and we would like to congratulate you on your winnings. We are happy to see that you had profitable time at Winner Casino.

We would like to confirm that your withdrawal requests have been processed on our end and the funds should appear on the payment method you have chosen shortly. As much as we would like to speed up the withdrawal process in our Casino, unfortunately the processing time on the side of the payment method is beyond our control. Since the withdrawals you have ordered appear as completed in your account we are positive that it is only a matter of time to get your funds. Normally it takes up to 7 business days on the side of the bank to process the transactions.

We see that you have contacted us several times regarding these transactions and our representatives have confirmed the aforementioned time frames for your withdrawals. Please allow a few more days for the transfer of your funds. In the unlikely event that your winnings do not reach you within the specified time frame we will do our utmost to assist you until all of the funds have been transferred to your account.

Thank you in advance for your time and patience. We hope that you keep your winning streak at Winner.


Winner Casino

posted on September 25, 2013.

 Any updates here?

posted on September 29, 2013.

 Please update us, otherwise this complaint will be closed!

posted on October 12, 2013.

 Complaint can be considered solved, since there is no any reply nor update from the player!