Winner Casino - BLACKLISTED?!

posted on September 12, 2013.

After received $30 welcome chips i clear bonus with $190 profit, contacting chat support ask me for $50 deposit (via neteller) to execute withdrawal request.Past few days, an email asking me for (listen please copy paste)

We would like to ask for your notarized proof of address. We need these document to continue processing your withdrawal request. Please mail these document to us at P.O. Box 2642 Makati Post Office,Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City, Philippines.

What?? notarized documents via mail post to philippines?

After that contacting support send my documents via email but they refuse that documents and the war started...

They refused email documents asking for notarized ID via mail, i asked to support 4 particular questions:

*Your company asume responsability if my notarized docs falls in wrong hands?

*Do you pay notarial fee + certificated mail from Argentina to Phillipines?

* Can you show me where said "customer are obligated to send documents via mail post" ?? just said we colud ask documents nothing else

*Why chat support never advice that situation he only wants my deposit telling me "make deposit and just ask for cashout"

I gonna contact Playtech by now, this ppl dont want to paid me and i affraid about my deposit

posted on September 15, 2013.


First we would like to congratulate you on the winnings that you have managed to accumulate on our Casino. We are glad to see that you have had profitable time with us. Please allow us to explain more about the withdrawal process in Winner Casino.

We always aim to review all withdrawal requests within the official handling time frames in accordance with the Terms of Use of our Casino.

We have made our Terms available on the website of Winner Casino so that every customer can access and review them at their own discretion.

We would like to refer you to point 6.6 from our General Terms and Conditions which provides details about the needed documents for the processing of the withdrawal requests.

We would be happy to give you more details about the exact documents and process based on the specifics of your account. In order to keep the information of your account and transactions private we would like to discuss this matter with you personally.

We have tried to reach you over the phone few times, without success. You can also provide us the most convenient time frame for us to reach you. You can contact us at:cas­ino­@wi­nne­

We are looking forward to a positive conclusion of your concern.


Winner Casino

posted on September 15, 2013.

Thanks for your response, yesterday replied an email asking for contact number, i spent all weekend at home but didnt received any call.

Check my email response please (to coordinate phone call)

Lets wait what happens, any resolution will be posted here.



posted on September 17, 2013.


We have tried to reach you over the phone few times yesterday, without success. Could you please provide us with your actual cell phone or any other telephone number as well as with the most convenient time frame for us to reach you? You can contact us at:[email protected] or on the following numbers:

Toll free: +44-808-1203-498 (UK), +1-888-382-2258(CA), 1-800-045-006 (Australia)

International: +63-2-756-7876

We are looking forward to a positive conclusion of your concern.


Winner Casino

posted on September 20, 2013.

This is what we talk with winner casino support:

*Winner casino dont take any responsability if my documents lost on the way to Phillipines.

*Winner casino doesnt pay for notarial fee + certified post to Philipines.

*Winner casino remove my winnings after withdraw my verification deposit via Neteller.

Players: After reading this complaint theres nothing much to say, this casino dont want paid single dollar. Dont take any responsability and want your notarized documents to Phillipines, chat support only wants your money then problem shows up.

AVOID and BLACKLISTED this casino please.

posted on September 20, 2013.

Dear Kocheww,

We would like to make a summary of your case and the discussion we had with you over the phone. We have reviewed your account again and we can see that you have had profitable stay in our casino. You received a bonus from us just for registering in our Casino, then you had chance to play and to check out our games. You managed to accumulate very good amount of winnings only by using our Free Sign Up Bonus.

Before making a deposit in our Casino you had a correspondence with our representative where you were made aware of the conditions of the bonus that you used. Only after that you made a successful deposit so that you can proceed with your withdrawal request. At that time we believe that you had a great time in Winner Casino and there was just one more thing which had to be done in order to move forward with your withdrawal request – to honor the Terms of use of the casino by providing us with the required documents.

That is a common process that we have and have made sure that every client is aware of that by posting our conditions on the official website of Winner Casino. We believe that we have done our part to be transparent with the conditions of the bonuses that we offer as well as with the terms for withdrawal.

Even though our conditions are clear and accessible for everyone, we understand that there has been some misunderstanding and we were happy to get in touch with you and present a few options for the resolution of your concern. We managed to reach you over the phone and we explained the terms of our Casino again regarding the withdrawal process that we have and follow. As we explained, we could have proceeded with your withdrawal request should you have agreed to send the required documents, however you have opted to take an alternative option – to get the deposit you made back. We have already processed your deposit back in accordance with the agreement we reached over the phone.

The refund of your deposit and the removal of the winnings was done with your consent. Based on our conversation we believe that we have reached a resolution which you have agreed with.

We hope that you might consider playing at Winner casino – you have managed to win once and we are sure that you can win even more and as long as the withdrawal policies are followed, every customer can make a withdrawal.

Thank you for your time and cooperation.


Winner Casino