Winner Casino....A very angry customer

david green United Kingdom
posted on July 2, 2014.

I am currently having a lot of issues with Winner Casino and its got to the point now where I have had enough and feel like closing my account.

Since reopening my account a couple of months ago its been nothing but problem after problem and the customer support staff just do not make things any easier.

First of all, I had an issue with their VIP scheme, I had tried on a number of occasions to ask what the criteria was for increasing each level as this is not anywhere on the site and was always told to just keep depositing and playing and i will get an email once I have been upgraded, I made the point to them that this was not fair to me as a customer as I had no idea what I needed to do in order to reach a higher VIP level.

Once I finally got awarded an increase in VIP level, One of the benefits that is clearly stated on the VIP page is that as a Silver member you get a personal account manager, I did not get this at first and went through a 10 day ordeal with customer support in order to get this sorted only to be given a customer account manager that is argumentative and has also lied to me. (see attachments for proof of account ,manager being offered to silver members) It was stated to me that customers only get a personal account manager once they reach the top 2 levels of the VIP scheme but it is very clearly stated on their VIP page that this is offered to levels Silver and above.

I am now 6 days into waiting for my request to have a different VIP manager as my personal account manager and its just the same old rubbish from support....We are waiting a response from the higher management blah blah blah

Everything with customer support here is very frustrating to deal with and instead of dealing with issues or taking ownership of issues they just give you excuses.

My latest issue with Winner Casino today is that the account screen is showing misinformation and will not display my account history (see attachments) The bonus playthrough on the account information is wrong, I had a £7 bonus this morning and played through over £200 on this, wagering requirement was £84 and it stated on my account screen after I had lost all the funds that i still needed to wager £81.50 meaning that playing slot games that contribute 100% towards wagering...I had (according to my account information) only played through £2.50!!

It was suggested to me by the customer support agent on the phone I spoke to that 'Perhaps I should give them the money to upgrade the site' After I had complained about the account page not being accurate and was also told that I am not the only one having this problem...So this is obviously something Winner have not sorted out and didn't have the good grace to inform customers that there is an ongoing issue with.

I have found the play on the slot games to be very suspect as well, I seem to not be winning anything at all with my own funds and played a slot game, Wall St Fever, £0.50 stake, Usually I see quite good play on this on all other Playtech sites and did on Winner previously but all of a sudden it just seems that it will not allow me to win or allow me to play for long on each deposit I make, I have noticed that the poor play started around the same time that the bonus playthrough information was wrong on my account so i am wondering if this is in anyway linked to the play I am getting and also as to why when the play I have had recently is so disgustingly bad...Why Winner will not even offer to check with Playtech to have my play checked or to see if there is any issues.

I think there are software issues on Winner Casino and the customer support staff are just trying to brush everything under the carpet.

My experiences with Winner have left me feeling very angry in that this is the thanks I get for my custom...Non stop issues and staff that could not care less.

I have never made a withdrawal for all of the funds i have deposited but times i have and they have been left pending i contacted customer support and asked them to flush the withdrawals so that they could not be reversed and this was refused.

All in all im being left with a very bitter taste in my mouth with how im being treated by Winner Casino's customer support staff, I am awaiting a phone call from a manager within the next 5 hours to discuss my account but I really feel after today its just one issue too many.

david green United Kingdom
posted on July 3, 2014.

Just to add to my complaint, I spoke with customer support on the phone yesterday and also this morning, When speaking to customer support this morning i requested the contact details for Winner's license providers and was told 'We don't have this information to give you'

Also I received an email from customer support.....

Thank you for your email.

This is to follow up the concern regarding the system error that you were claiming.

We have checked you account and seen the screenshot you have provided. We did not see any errors from our system. Please be informed that the wagering you might see in your end might not be update since it would take a long while for the system to be updated. But you may always contact us for updates if you have questions with your wagering.

Thank you and have a good day!

So after replying to this i contacted customer support again only to be informed that they have not yet had any response from their technical team so yet again this is a case of Winner customer support trying just to brush things under the carpet.

Also, my issue with the personal account matter, I have also been informed is not yet resolved and they are still waiting a response from higher management on this which really is not good enough,

david green United Kingdom
posted on July 4, 2014.

Grace: Hi! This is Grace Madison. How can I help you today, David?
Grace: Should you have further concerns, you may contact us again. We are available 24/7. Have a great time!
Grace: Hi! This is Grace Madison. How can I help you today?
devildart: I have already requested not to deal with you again in the future and was told by Carl Gomez that it was being looked at as per my request to have someone else I can deal with
Grace: I understand that we have started on the wrong foot, David. However, please understand that not wanting to deal with me means that you do not want to be a VIP player anymore.
devildart: i do not see why i should loose that privilege because of the way you have behaved towards me or because I would rather have someone else I can speak to
devildart: Afterall...Ive paid to earn the privilege of having a personal account manager
Grace: I'm sorry but the option of giving you another manager is not possible.
devildart: i discussed this with Carl and he said that he requested that I deal with him in future and any matters that would require correspondence with the VIP team he would do so for me and was willing to do that and 8 days now ive been waiting for a response to this
Grace: That is not what Carl had told me, he told me that he said he'll discuss this with the management and management said that there are no other personal account man agers available.
Grace: He even made notes on the account.
devildart: Well id suggest you listen to the phone conversations then as you do record all calls made
devildart: he made it very clear to me that he would be willing to act on my behalf for any VIP issues and solely deal with me on a personal level
devildart: This is what I have believed he put to the VIP management team as a request and what ive been waiting 8 days now for a response to
devildart: But as you HAVE lied to me before im not prepared to believe your version of events
Grace: As far as I'm concerned, David, I haven't lied to you as what I have read to you when I found the conversation log. I'm sorry if you think of me that way. As for Carl handling your concerns, I will coordinate with him on this matter and we'll pull up the recording together as soon as he comes in. As of present, I am still your personal account manager.
devildart: More to the pity as...You misinformed me over playthrough stats..>Fair enough...That could have been something out of your control but then you got argumentative with me when I stated that the stats you were giving me were not correct and stood by what you were given....
devildart: You then provided me with the correct stats and made little in the way of an apology for making me out to be a liar or being wrong....
devildart: You later when i questioned you about the VIP cashback bonus on this occasion...Most certainly did lie to me because what you stated to me was totally wrong in that you had clearly stated one thing then later told me this was not the case....
devildart: Your mistake with me is that you thought you were dealing with someone that was stupid...And im far from stupid...You carried on treating me as such even after you were caught out which is why I do not want you as my personal account manager
Grace: I do admit that I had relied too much on the tech support's response. With regards to the cashback bonus, however, I never lied to you about it and even read back to you the conversation that we have had earlier. David, honestly, I don't want to argue with you about that. Do you need my assistance today or not>
devildart: ^^^ Says it all really...Ive gave you the chance to discuss matters and you get snappy with me

This is exactly what i have to deal with on every occasion with customer support and this person is supposed to be my VIP personal account manager!!

david green United Kingdom
posted on July 4, 2014.

After about an hour on the phone to the customer service manager that i was put through to by Grace whom I had the conversation above with, It has resulted in me closing my account, Everything that happened the customer service manager tried to defend the actions of Grace and other staff including the one who suggested to me that i should pay to upgrade their site, Angry with how I have been treated does not even cover it, Seriously...To any punters who want a fair gaming experience and reasonable customer support...Do not use Winner!!

posted on July 8, 2014.

Winner Casino team strives to provide the best possible assistance and customer service to all our customers and we would like to provide more details about your case and to recap our efforts to offer different solutions.

We have checked on your account and see that at first, you have requested to close your account due to gambling problems which you have expressed to us during your call conversation with us last April 2013. As being a Responsible gaming site, we acted accordingly and closed your account for 6 months without an option to re-open during this time period.

On May of 2014, after more than 6 months, you called us to request to re-open your account. We initially advised for you to reconsider and to check if you are now comfortable with the level of your gambling. After which you have promptly replied to our disclaimer that you will take full responsibility for any future deposits on your account we have shown a gesture of goodwill and flexibility and we have complied with your request.

For some time, you came to us to check on how you can be upgraded to our VIP tier. Everyone can become VIP Member in our Casino as long as they visit us and play regularly. The time needed to become a member of the VIP club is based on your gaming activity. We can also upgrade any account upon review and some of our clients may become VIP customers quite fast. To show you that we appreciate the gesture and your interest in becoming one of our VIP, we have upgraded your account to our Silver Tier and provided you your own Personal Account Manager. We understand that our Account managers are not available 24/7 however with our Customer Service Team who can always provide you the assistance you need any time, we can always relay your queries and concerns to your own Account manager.

Becoming a member of our Silver Tier Club and having an Account manager has also given you access to some of our exclusive promotions like the Weekly Cashback. We can also say that based on your account transactions, you have a great deposit bonus ratio which shows that in our casino, players can truly enjoy our games with amazing bonuses to play with, all these information can be readily accessed via your account. We have checked the bonuses you have received and we see that you have received plenty of promotions and you have received very high bonus offers on average. The conditions related to the bonuses you have received are presented on your account though we understand that this information including your account balances and transactions does take time to get updated due to some external factors like the browser type, internet connection, etc. however we have made sure that this delay does not in any way affect the actual information on your account. When it comes to transactions such as withdrawals or crediting your account with a deposit or bonus transaction the calculation of the bonus conditions is completely accurate. In any case you would like to get the updated details right away we are available all the time to provide you with the answers you need.

We have noted your request to have your account handled by different people and we have tried to accommodate your request. Due to the nature of the work and the fact that we do offer Customer Service to all clients and personal Account manager to specific customer only it has happened that at some point you had to communicate with representatives of our Customer Service team. We also had a manager to help out with your queries and he has gladly assisted you in any way possible.

We strive to improve and any feedback we receive is taken into consideration and we hope that with the help of our customers and our staff we can find a way to improve our services even more.

david green United Kingdom
posted on July 8, 2014.

Thank you for that load of absolute waffle and for not directly answering any of the issues I have complained about or any of the faults I have had but also I will point out that I never agreed to any term when requesting closure of my account and simply stated that I wished for my account to be closed on a permanent basis but I have now taken up this matter and others with your regulators and will go to your license providers if I get no resolution.

Also begs the question...If you were aware of my previous gambling problems/issues then why was I encouraged to deposit more and freely allowed to increase my deposits and deposit 15 times or more in the space of only a couple of hours? It does not appear that you take responsible gaming seriously at all!