William Hill Casino - Won't pay me $20,000 of legitimate winnings!

Alina554 Taiwan
posted on January 4, 2016.

I requested a withdrawal from william hill over 6 months ago, they asked for a proof of id and address (for the second time) I sent that in and it was approved.
Then they asked for a proof of funding, I sent in my neteller screen shot and that was approved.
William hill then said they needed a proof of income, I was a student at the time and couldn't provide that. They said I could provide proof of income from my parents, I sent 9 pages of private documents that my parents gave me.
They started to make me feel like they didn't want to pay me after saying I still needed a proof of income even though I've stated I don't work.

After a few months of no contact I got a job and sent them my proof of income, they insisted they needed it translated into english by a lawyer. I complied and paid for that to be done and sent them the new document.
They replied saying my income was not enough for my level of play.

The amount they must payout is large, But its no excuse to stall and make up any excuse not to pay me. I have provided all the documents they requested. There was no bonus given from William hill for any of my play.

I hope this is just a misunderstanding or break down in their internal communications and William hill pay me my money back

posted on January 9, 2016.

Dear @Alina554,
Any update regarding your complaint? Thank you.